Facebook & Friends

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Everyone loves the series FRIENDS. I've seen it so many times over and I think that I can somehow answer a trivia or two about the show.

My good friend MM was the one who invited me to Facebook - the new Friendster. And since then - I couldn't stop going to the site every single day! It has a lot of features and quite frankly - I've become addicted to it - mainly because of the FRIENDS trivia quiz. I've spent hours on this answering trivias - to reach the next levels!

Here's one of the questions. I think if you're a fan of FRIENDS - you'll know the answer to this..

Any guesses?


  1. "And the milk is getting sour...."

    That's what I sing pag may power interruption, lalo na pag bagyo.

  2. Minds!! Hahaha... You got it!! :)
    Galing galing talaga natin!! :)