a Beauty-filled day..

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It actually was... :)

I went to meet Tammy Tan to fit the dress I had made for S's wedding - after which - I went to attend Sophie's Beauty and Minerals day!

Beauty & Vanity - they go hand in hand I think... :)

I was actually late for the 2 events. But first things first. The dress I had made turned out so nice! I loved it! There were only minor adjustments and everything else was close to perfect! One complaint though - it seemed as if my front bumpers shrinked! Dang it! But Tammy made suggestions, thanks Tammy!! :) She also had me try on this wrap dress - I first thought that it might not fit me because of the size, but when I wore it! My gosh - it was perfect! I loved it sooooooo much! Even my Panget said it looked great! Thanks Tammy!! I'm such a big fan of hers! She's such a sweetheart!! Arns, if you happen to see this - you're one lucky guy!!

My friend Annie was also there, not to mention my Panget. You see, he's the ever curious - he wanted to see what the dress looked like - and when asked for an opinion - he said 'What do I know?! I'm a guy!?' Tsk... tsk... But good thing he liked it! After the fitting - we headed to Il Pirata for lunch - the food was just alright - I wasn't as impressed - I loved it the first time I tried it. But nevertheless, lunch was great - I enjoyed every minute of it!!

After lunch - I headed to Makati - I had errands to do first and reached Sophie's Beauty and Minerals Day a little after 4 in the afternoon! It was first time to meet Sophie - and only my second EB ever!! Sophie was AMAZING - watching her do make-overs! Wow - can I just say that this girls got talent? I mean T-A-L-E-N-T! I swear she's my Mineral Make-Up guru! It's like watching an artist in action - with just a few strokes - voila! The make-up looks fresh, natural and perfect!! I was very very very impressed!!

When I sat down - the first thing that I noticed was the pots and pots of Mineral Make-Up! The stash was something every girl would die for! Imagine stacks and stacks of Mineral Make-Up pots! It was heaven! I envied Sophie and Tin! Gosh- there were so many! I was literally bowled over with their stash. It was literally a stas!! Here are some pictures:

Look at that stash!!

Beauty & Minerals Day

I was able to meet a few people though, I'm not sure though if they're from GTalk - but nevertheless - I'm glad I met them! Nice to have met you Princess, Ria, Phoebe, Battarfly, Tin and Toni! Hope to see you at the next Beauty and Minerals Day! :)

Congrats Soph! It was such a success!!


  1. I'm still dead tired right now but I was so happy! Nakaka-high mag makeup ng tao! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed the event, sayang d tayo nagkatabi! Let's chika sometime! :) Mwah! :)

  2. Wow look at the makeup!!!! I can only dream of having those... ang dami! Hope you enjoyed the mineral makeup day!

    Btw, I like tammy tan's designs ah. Might look into her gallery soon

  3. wow so sophie is really a makeup guru! sabi ko na nga ba!


  4. Sophie! Galing galing mo talaga!!

    Hello Anonymous! My jaw dropped when I saw the pots&pots of make-up they had! Tammy is really nice - try to contact her if you're planning to get some pieces! :)

    Hi Thea! She is talaga!!!

  5. T'was great meeting you in person too! :D Let's go yoga some time! :)

  6. i forgot! i love the "sold out bag" ;)

  7. Hi Phoebe! Tara! Game ako with Yoga!! :) Just tell me when! :)

    Will link you up ah!! :)

  8. Hi Di. :) It was really nice to finally meet you! Sorry we didn't stay long, tumakas lang kasi ako sa work e. :D hehe

    I have yet to try the bikram.. argh. I've been planning to go for months na! haha

    Hey let's meet up sometime with Sophie and she can give you a one-on-one session at Starbucks Banawe. Right Soph? :)

    - Sheila (battarfly)

  9. Sheila! It was nice meeting you!! :) Tara! Let's go Bikram together!! :)

    Game ako sa one-on-one session! Hahah.. :)