The funniest wedding ever!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yesterday - I attended my friend Vic's wedding. It was raining so hard - if you're Chinese it means one thing - It's a LUCKY day. And I think it was - because during the ceremony - people were laughing out loud! And it was echoing all through-out the church! Even if it was supposed to be a serious ceremony - the groom has somehow managed to make everyone laugh - not once, not twice, but many times over!! You see - this friend of mine is really really funny. He has this sense of humor that can make anyone laugh - no joke! He's infectious!

Of all the weddings I've attended in my whole life - I think that this is the only wedding that made me laugh the most! The priest who presided - Fr. Johnny Go, SJ - also made sure that there was a little humor in his homily. I actually listened as he told everyone how the bride and groom met. What was odd (and nice) was that he made the bride and groom face the attendees while they were saying their vows. It think that this is such a great idea - something new and different (maybe - this is the first time I saw it happen)

Anyways - the wedding ceremony was already funny. The reception - was even more funny! Vic indeed chose the right host - he got his friend of 20 years to do it! He gave out the perfect punchline to make the guests laugh. He was really good - actually, I think he's the best one I've seen yet. He was witty and funny. What I especially loved was his speech - and how he thanked himself for a job well done. It made everyone in the ballroom laugh out loud!

I also think that the company I was with was also great, thus the reception was even more fun! My Panget and I were seated amongst friends, my Beijing friends actually - and they all were funny in their own ways.


Happy Birthday!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Happy Birtday Liza!!!

She's the sister of my Panget..

Happy Happy Birthday! :)

Enjoy your party!! :)


Seeing green..

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Green Tea is the feature drink at Starbucks as of the moment. I tried their Green Tea Latte last weekend and I loved it! Yesterday afternoon - I sort of craved for it (there's this taste in mymouth that reminded me so of that green tea latte drink) So after yoga class, I immediately went to get myself an extra hot Green Tea Latte. I can't explain it - but I soooooooo love the taste! It's so soothing, plus it's so fragrant. My Panget however, doesn't agree with me on this.. Tsk.. Tsk..

Last night, I got a text from Tammy Tan - she told me that my dress will be ready this afternoon! Yipee! You see - my dress is in Emerald - yes, emerald! I was sort of leaning towards browns and plums - but somehow, when I met Tammy - I was wearing a green top and she liked the color on me - and so we decided on a green color - emerald to be more specific.

She also asked me if she could borrow the dress after the wedding. She said she'll use it for a shoot in an upcoming magazine made by PDI. I answered yes, of course!! I'm so excited to see the dress in the glossy! Cool right?

And so my love affair with green begins.....

Which reminds me... the green blood in me is sort of excited and nervous! I hope they win the game this time around!! :) Animo La Salle!!

Tickets were so hard to come by.. Dang it!!

I hate this feeling...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last night - after taking my Bikram Yoga class - I ate 1 piece of Banana for dinner - thinking that since it's a fruit - what harm can it do to me?

This morning - I was in a very delightful mood.

At the moment - I'm feeling stressed, irritated and bloated.

So, this is how it feels like to be constipated.


I hate that banana!


a Beauty-filled day..

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It actually was... :)

I went to meet Tammy Tan to fit the dress I had made for S's wedding - after which - I went to attend Sophie's Beauty and Minerals day!

Beauty & Vanity - they go hand in hand I think... :)

I was actually late for the 2 events. But first things first. The dress I had made turned out so nice! I loved it! There were only minor adjustments and everything else was close to perfect! One complaint though - it seemed as if my front bumpers shrinked! Dang it! But Tammy made suggestions, thanks Tammy!! :) She also had me try on this wrap dress - I first thought that it might not fit me because of the size, but when I wore it! My gosh - it was perfect! I loved it sooooooo much! Even my Panget said it looked great! Thanks Tammy!! I'm such a big fan of hers! She's such a sweetheart!! Arns, if you happen to see this - you're one lucky guy!!

My friend Annie was also there, not to mention my Panget. You see, he's the ever curious - he wanted to see what the dress looked like - and when asked for an opinion - he said 'What do I know?! I'm a guy!?' Tsk... tsk... But good thing he liked it! After the fitting - we headed to Il Pirata for lunch - the food was just alright - I wasn't as impressed - I loved it the first time I tried it. But nevertheless, lunch was great - I enjoyed every minute of it!!

After lunch - I headed to Makati - I had errands to do first and reached Sophie's Beauty and Minerals Day a little after 4 in the afternoon! It was first time to meet Sophie - and only my second EB ever!! Sophie was AMAZING - watching her do make-overs! Wow - can I just say that this girls got talent? I mean T-A-L-E-N-T! I swear she's my Mineral Make-Up guru! It's like watching an artist in action - with just a few strokes - voila! The make-up looks fresh, natural and perfect!! I was very very very impressed!!

When I sat down - the first thing that I noticed was the pots and pots of Mineral Make-Up! The stash was something every girl would die for! Imagine stacks and stacks of Mineral Make-Up pots! It was heaven! I envied Sophie and Tin! Gosh- there were so many! I was literally bowled over with their stash. It was literally a stas!! Here are some pictures:

Look at that stash!!

Beauty & Minerals Day

I was able to meet a few people though, I'm not sure though if they're from GTalk - but nevertheless - I'm glad I met them! Nice to have met you Princess, Ria, Phoebe, Battarfly, Tin and Toni! Hope to see you at the next Beauty and Minerals Day! :)

Congrats Soph! It was such a success!!

You Make Me Smile....

Friday, September 21, 2007

First of all - THANK YOU so much Mindy! It's such an honor - that I am a part of your list. It really means a LOT to me. Thank you, thank you!! You actually made my day.. :) I am deeply overwhelmed! I swear - I am still in shock whenever I think about it.

Paying it forward - here's my own list...

Sophie - I've never met Sophie - but I feel like I know her. We chat once in a while, long chats not small talk- and it turns out, we have some friends in common! I like chatting with her - it's like chatting with a younger sister - and I never had a sister.. The fact that mans more than 1 blog says it all! She's indeed a blog addict. She's the one who got me hooked on Mineral Make-Up! Gosh - when I got my sampler from her - I never went back to my old brands! Thanks Soph!!

Mindy - not because she put me in her list - but because of her love of watching TV!! I too am a TV addict, but Mindy - I think no one can parallel her! I admire her objectiveness and her willingness to watch various shows! I wish I had all the free time she has watching these shows.. :) Another thing - I love Mindy because - she loves the show FRIENDS! I think she's one of the few who can relate to me when I parallelize the show to things that happen in my life... Hahaha!! Thanks Mindy!! BTW - you deserve the award!! :)

Wysgal - I love how she writes, period! Her insights are so interesting! Every single one of her entries is such a good read! Especially now that she's in America - her adventures seem to interesting! Hope you're enjoying!!

Christine & Joey - I've had the pleasure of meeting these two at Lori's baking demo, and since then I got hooked on their blogs! They write so well and their reviews are fantastic! Their blogs are such a good read, and the fact that they react with their bloggers - well, it really means a lot.

Anton - who doesn't love him? The thing that I love the most about his blog - well, it's how he writes about his Rache and Aidan. There's love in every word he puts into writing about them.

Char - you see, she's my cousin's BFF. We only spent 1 whole day together last November - and I swear - I love her already! I miss her actually and her blog (she found me - what are the chances right?!) - somehow connects me to her. I love her humor - it seems that whenever I read her entries - it's like I can imagine her telling those stories to me!

Beijing Travel Bug - her entries makes me smile because I love & miss Beijing so freaking much!!

These are a few people who make me smile everyday.. Their entries are somehow a peek into their lives. I'm honored and privileged to have known them, even if it's only in Cyberspace. Thank you dear cyber friends..

I know it's a long shot - but to those who frequent my blog - THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really means a lot to me. Those simple comments mean the world to me! (I still can't believe that you read my entries!) I don't think I can say it enough - but really - thank you!

Blogging is such a therapy for me. Thank you for eavesdropping.

Thank you...... from the bottom of my heart...

Facebook & Friends

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Everyone loves the series FRIENDS. I've seen it so many times over and I think that I can somehow answer a trivia or two about the show.

My good friend MM was the one who invited me to Facebook - the new Friendster. And since then - I couldn't stop going to the site every single day! It has a lot of features and quite frankly - I've become addicted to it - mainly because of the FRIENDS trivia quiz. I've spent hours on this answering trivias - to reach the next levels!

Here's one of the questions. I think if you're a fan of FRIENDS - you'll know the answer to this..

Any guesses?


Monday, September 17, 2007

It's officially the season of Weddings. Last Saturday, at S's bridal shower - S handed me my official invite to her wedding. I don't know why - but when I got home - I stared at it for about 10 minutes - I looked at it over and over again. I couldn't believe she's already getting married! It seems like only yesterday that she was telling us how her then boyfriend A - proposed to her. I was so happy to hear the news. Actually, I wasn't surpirsed - you see, I dreamt that she told me she was already getting married. She assumed that my Panget (who's her cousin) told me about her fiance's plans - but honestly - I found out in my dream - I only confirmed it was true when she told me. (There's a saying that if you dream of something and you want it to come true - you shant tell anyone - I'm a bit superstitious you see...) In less than a month she will become Mrs. A.K.L. We were just sending one another text messages after my Yoga class a few hours ago. She just got hold of my bridal shower gift - she found it really naughty. Hahaha!! I know they'll both find use for it eventually. Enjoy my gift S & A!!

Just a few minutes ago, I got a text message from an unfamiliar number telling me that my invite will be left at Angel's Kitchen. I was thinking - to what event? and who was sending me that message?! Of course, as courtesy - I had to say thanks first - and then asked who the message came from. A few seconds later - I learned who it came from. It was from SP. I knew he was getting married later this month - but was unsure of the date, I quite honestly, I had the feeling too that I might not be invited - well, mainly because we lost touch already. You see - SP and I met in Bejing - he was taking a short vacation - while I - I was still studying. And in that short time - we became good good friends. It was really nice that when I got back - we were still in touch. The last time I saw him was in the Yoga studio last year - he was there accompanying his now fiance - Lars to class. He looked really happy. Finally SP! A perfect match for you!

With 2 weddings in a span of less than a month - my quest to lose weight will have to be taken quite seriously now, as SP will be getting married on the 29th! That's 12 freaking days from now. Damn! If I just knew earlier! Good thing I attended my Bikram Yoga class today - for sure, I will be in the studio for the next 3 weeks! For SP's wedding - I have to fit into the dress I wore last year to my cousin's wedding - the one that Debbie Co made for us. Which reminds me - I need to have it sent to the cleaners.

This Saturday - I will be meeting with Tammy Tan to fit the dress I had made for S's wedding. I hope it fits well and is bagay for me. Crossing my fingers and I'm really excited to see the outcome of our ideas combined!!

Next project - MM's wedding and C's wedding next year! Yehaa!!

No eyes!

Friday, September 14, 2007

My Panget is soooooo funny.

You see - he declares himself blind when he doesn't have his glasses on. Considering that his glasses have a grade that is less than 100. Oh-kay!!

He suddenly messaged me thru YM that he was going to pick me up earlier than usual - the reason? He left his glasses at home - thus - he needed to leave the office while there's still light! Hahaha.. Isn't that cute?


Goodbye Auntie Amy!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The weekend was quite sad. My Ima - the youngest sister of my Guama (my mom's mother) was cremated last Saturday - she succommed to Breast Cancer last Thursday. Funerals are really sad, but one good about funerals is that - it brings the family together.

It has been ages since I last saw my aunts, uncles, grandparents (the siblings of my Guama)! The last time I saw my aunts and uncles (cousins of my mom) - most of them were not married yet - and now - they have kids! Not babies - but kids ranging from 10 years old and below. One of my second cousins asked their mom 'Why are there Koreans here?' I knew they were referring to me! Obviously! Hahaha.. And their parents told them 'She's your cousin!' He looked at me confused and looked at his dad again - as if he knew it was a joke. But it wasn't. Haha!! He was a little shocked to hear me speak english!

I knew that I had mestiza and mestizo aunts and uncles - but when you see their kids - gosh - there's no trace of anything Asian with them! They all look of Spanish descent - well, partly they are but I guess the Spanish blood was far stronger than the Chinese blood. For the first time - I had cousins who looked so different from me!! Hahaha.. But mind you - they were not cute - they were all handsome and beautiful!!

My Ima - well, I call her Auntie Amy (even if I should call her Granny Amy) - she's just 7 years older than my mom. We're not that close but there's the feeling of closeness. We've travelled together for 2 years in a row! We went to LA, Las Vegas and joined an Alaskan Cruise. She was really really nice, funny and loving. You can feel the love - I can't explain it but there's this feeling whenever we're together. We learned she had Cancer about 2-3 years ago and she battled it quite well! She was strong and determined to fight. It was only last December that we learned that things were going downhill. She even told my mom that she was ready to go - because she's seen her 2 daughters grow-up, and that was already enough for her.

I can't recall exactly when - but I still got to talk to her a few weeks or a month back. It was actually a sudden thing because my mom and I were just talking about her and she called us up! I was the one who answered the phone - and I was shocked to hear her voice at the other end! I asked how she was and she wall all happy and laughing! I can still hear her laughter and her soothing voice - as if she was just beside me.

It really saddens me that she's gone.

We'll all miss you Auntie Amy. Have fun in heaven!!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

I think I might want to bake this weekend. I don't know why - but there's that certain tug that makes me want to bake something.. cupcakes or cookies maybe... I'm not so sure..


This begets skipping sweets for 3 days!! (I know! 3 measely days!!)

What kind of Sandal are you?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

You are Flat Sandals

Casual yet flirty
You look great in a simple top and jeans
Your look is approachable and cute!

What country are you?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Got this from Christine - I hope you don't mind..

You're Cambodia!

Life's been really rough, but it's slowly improving. You know
way too much about the skeletal structure of humans, mostly from being forced to study
it. This has given you a fear of many things, most especially the color red.
The future has to be more promising though, and your greatest adversary can now
never come back to hurt you any more.

Take the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

The Coffee Bean - so SLOOOOOOOOOOWW!!

First, let me say that I absolutely love Chai Teas, and in Manila - there's only one place that I go to for Chai Teas and that is - The Coffee Bean. Why? Well because they use Chai Tea leaves and not those powder mixes.

But one thing that discourages me in going to The Coffee Bean is it's slow, slooooooow service! It takes them forever to make a cup of tea or coffee. I mean comparing them to the other coffee houses - I think they're the slowest! It seems like whenever there's an order - all hell breaks lose! The Baristas are everywhere - sometimes even bumping into one another! I don't understand why they're so unorganized!

Last Saturday night - after watching 'The Invasion' in Eastwood - I was craving for a Chai Latte. Thus - I decided to order one - my Panget who's not a fan of CBTL opted to stay outside - in one of the tables - and wait for me. He said he needed to sit down - because for sure it'll take the baristas longer than usual - to serve me my Chai Tea. And he was right!

You see - when I ordered my Chai Tea - I already saw Terry (the barista) making 4 cups of various hot drinks - after paying - I headed to the 'claim section' and waited for my drink. My Panget on the otherhand - decided to time the service - he started to watch Fergie's MTV on his P990i when he saw me leave the counter. After watching - seeing that I hadn't gone out yet - he watched another one - Sway by the PSD. He assumed that in the middle of the MTV - I'd be coming out and sitting beside him already. It was already finished when he noticed that I haven't gone out yet. He called me to confirm - and as expected - he asked what the hell were they doing? Were they serving me with a 'grand' Chai Tea?

Yes - Imagine the length of the 2 MTV - that's how long it took (and more) for them to serve me with my Chai Tea. In 5 other incidents - this also happend! They took about 10 minutes to serve me my tea - sometimes - even more! And all they could say is that they're short staffed - I don't think so! They staff was there (they're always there!) - they were 5 - one was in the kitchen - just texting - won't that person need to help out his staffmates?

Coffee and Tea (I think) are supposed to be served fast! Especially - a 'to go' order!

This is not the first time this has happened, this has happened to me EVERY TIME I go to The Coffee Bean. I mean - I do love their drinks - but if I need to wait for so long for them to make it and serve it for me... nevermind nalang..

I always point out to my friends - that Starbucks is really efficient with their service - the lines in their cups - serve as measurement already - isn't that so reliable? We over look the green lines on the cups and think that they're just for aesthetics - the real reason is that the lines are used as a measuring thingie - for mixing the drinks! Cool right?!