The Weekend that was....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I hadn't had the chance to make a very detailed post - thus, I will be posting an entry in bullet form:

  • Was late to my first ever godson's Christening. The person to blame? My Panget of course! I was so disappointed in him, so disappointed. My new 'kumare' forgave me naman (I think) but still - it was my first ever godson's day and - I wasn't there. What a ninang! My Panget was all apologetic - kinda not enough though, but don't tell!!
  • Zacch - my godson is the cutest ever!! He's very mobile (I mean for a 3 month old) He smiles alot and is so quiet!! Awwwwwwwww..... Such a cutie!!
  • For the first time ever - played the Nintendo Wii at Andy and Annie's place. It was really fun! Literally, a very interactive game for everyone!! My right arms was sore until today!
  • Went to watch A Love Story with my best bud KC in TriNoMa. I was expecting myself to shed a tear here and there - but I didn't! It was KC who did! Liked the movie - it was different.
  • Killed time in Greenhills - went to Unimart again! I never tire of going inside a supermarket. I think it's one of my favorite places in the world. You can leave me there and I will never tire of walking the aisle - one by one! Haha..
  • Saw a replica of 'I am not a Plastic bag' in the Tiange - it was a bad, baaaad replica!
  • My Panget cooked our Spanish Sardines pasta in Andy and Annie's kitchen - it was a labor or love, or should I say - labor of instense hungry-ness - according to him - he was freaking hungry.
Pictures of my cutie godson - to follow!! :)

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