The Weekend Review..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Again - this will be in bullets! hahaha..

  • Friday was actually a slow day - the highlight was my mom cooking crabs! Yummy!
  • I couldn't believe that I dozed off at 9pm! I wasn't even able to catch my favorite Teleseryes!
  • Since I slept at around 9pm - I woke up at 1:45 in the morning! I actually thought that it was morning already! Since I couldn't sleep - I watched TV for a couple of hours - then, when my eyelids felt heavy - I decided to sleep (agai
  • Woke up to sounds of heavy rains! I was planning to to go the Rockwell Urban Bazaar to support my friend - a new and upcoming designer - Tammy Tan. But since it was raining cats and dogs - and for fear that I'd get stranded in Makati - I decided to skip it for the next day
  • My Panget picked me up for his cousin's daughter's birthday party at Acropolis - the theme - a Disney Princess' birthday! :) The food was okay - the place was really cold!! But it was fun!
  • After the party - we headed to Cyma in Greenbelt 2 for Eleanor's Baby shower!!
  • Saw K and MM - my Chinese Chickens!!
  • My Panget wanted to try out Cold Stone - and we did - shelled out Php384.00 for 2 ice creams!! Dang it!
  • Celebrated my mom's birthday (early) during lunch - she prepared Shabu-Shabu for us! I miss having Shabu-Shabu at home!
  • Went to Rockwell's Urban Bazaar - bought a dress from Tammy - I should have gone the previous day!! Argh... The rains kasi eh!
  • Bought my frist ever dress/top from Doroty Perkins! Enjoyed a 5% discount because of my ICAAA card! Yehaaaaa!!
  • It was actually a shopping day for me! For the first time - I was the one who went home with all the stuffs! My Panget - did not shop for anything.. Teehee!! Yey for me!!
  • I was the 3rd placer in our Poker game that night.
  • A lazy Monday it was - went to my Panget's to watch 'Inside Man' - I fell asleep!! Hahaha.. It was that boring..


  1. masarap ba ice cream ng cold stone? ive seen it in manila but didnt try it

  2. I didn't like it. Nothing fancy - sort of ordinary nga eh..

    Hey! Don't forget to make paramdam when you're here in Manila na ah! :)

  3. hhahaha ano ako multo? nagpaparamdam?! lolz

    ill leave you a message before i go