This is just TOO MUCH!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

There's a saying 'Suckers are born every minute' and I believe it!

Because officially - I am one of them!!

You see, I have been eyeing this Anya Hindmarch 'I am not a plastic bag' bag. It's already sold out everywhere! I've been lurking in eBay - to find that - THERE ARE KNOCK-OFFs! What else is new, right? Well, - okay - I have looked at so many pictures that I think that I can spot a fake one from a genuine one.

There's this seller in a forum I'm part of - and she posted that she's selling one. She posted it on her site and in the site - there were 6 images. Okay - for a normal person - I think the pictures she supplied were enough - but as I learned from the expert goodguyyoung of eBay - he made a review actuallly it's not a review - it's a guide on how to spot a fake Anya Hindmarch - a buyer should ask for more pictures!

And so, I sent her an SMS to ask if she can give me more pictures, closer images of the letters - she replied to me with 'Pics? Wat m0re do u nid? Yes, its authentc' Okay - fine, I'm a skeptic when it comes to these things - but when I asked for the price - it was a whopping - Php6,500.00 approximately USD140.00! Now, that's freaking TOO MUCH already!

I know people are cashing in on the cheap Anya Hindmarch bag and since it's sold out everywhere - they're making big bucks out of the ones they got- but for Php6,500?? No freaking way!!

At least there's this seller - The Purchaser - that admittedly sells replica's - for less than Php1,000.00!


  1. Ohhh. Good thinking to hold off buying.

    I've got a really, really cheap version of that bag from SM. LOL! It's a green bag, with the exact label --- GREEN BAG. It's green, made of recycled materials. Kaya nga green bag. Hehe.

    I think they give this away for free at the grocery.

    It's not chic-looking though,(hay naku hindi talaga!). But I carry it around when I know I've got lotsa stuff to bring while shopping. Better than a plastic bag.

  2. Hello Tutubi! If it's too good to be true - then it is! Hahaha..

    Minds! I was told of that bag too! I think SM Advantage members were given the bags for free - but now, I think if you purchase a certain amount in the supermarkets - they'll give it to you for free!

  3. Tsk tsk tsk. I really hate it. People are commercializing this bag! Whoever is making the replicas, gawd! Basta I hate this! Hahaha

  4. Yup, Di, SM Advantage card holder ka dapat.

    Christine Bersola has her own version rin. Maganda yung design ng bag, it's in black and grey - two tones. Kaso I don't like the design, may nakasulat ng Reuse, recycle, (isa pang R nakalimutan ko). May telephone number pa na nakatatak where to order. She sells it for P180 yata or P160.

  5. Hi Angel! Actually, what pisses me off are those who got the real thing, but are selling them for an outrageous price!

    Minds, you know what - I think ang nagpauso niyan was Espirt! They have this REUSABLE bag - I think they're not selling it now eh, but before about 10 years ago, nag-uso yan eh!