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Friday, August 17, 2007

I will be using bullets this time - kinda lazy - maybe because of the weather!!
  • Finally saw Die Hard 4.0 with my Panget last night (using his portable hard drive) - and it was great!! I enjoyed the movie so much - that I now know why it's Joey and Chandler's favorite movie of all time.
  • Caught Disturbia last Tuesday night - kinda dragging at first - and the female lead? Well, her head is quite big for her body shape... Hmmm... The lead up was quite long though... The movie was okay - I was actually expecting more.
  • Finally caught a glimpse of Marimar last night - Marian Rivera is very pretty!! She seems promising in her role! Dingdong Dantes seemed like he was left in the oven too long!!
  • Found out a way to relieve my lower back pains - stretching my right leg!!
  • Went to National Bookstore yesterday to buy my stash of Panda's scented blue pens. ( I just had to say this)
  • Slow work week! Seemed like everything was in slow motion. Maybe because of the rain!
Highlight of the day:

Had really good Pepper Crabs for lunch - My mom (who's a great cook by the way) prepared them. Yummy!! :)

This is the best picture from my camera phone!!
We all couldn't wait to eat them!!


  1. Ooohh I want those crabs! I've been slightly crab-obsessed lately, plus it's almost 4 pm and I haven't had lunch. Have a great long weekend Didi! :)

  2. Christine! When I learned she was cooking crabs - I immediately thought of you! I'm still craving for them now - hopefully, next week my mom will cook some more!! :) Have a great weekend too! :)

  3. sis! share naman the recipe! that crab dish looks so heavenly im sure it tastes the same way too! hot but heavenly! haha... i wanna try this sana...
    blogged about my steamed crabs the other day and im thinking of doing further entries on crabs cooked in other ways... naks!

    oh yes, i agree, Die Hard 4 is awesome. my hubby and i were surprisingly entertained with it...

  4. wah!!! kagutom! is it possible to get the recipe from your mom? ;0)

  5. Pahingi..pero paki balat muna Di! ;P hahahaha

  6. HUWOW!!!!!! kakagutom.. please share the recipe:) thanks

  7. Hi Gita! They were divine! Actually - kulang pa nga eh!! hehehe... :)

    Hiya Jake! Belated Happy B-Day! Will try to post the recipe when she's figured it out - kasi she's the type who just makes tancha on everything!

    Hello Jenn! - Surely! I will balat for you.. No problem!

    Hi Docchef! Will post the recipe as soon as I have it! Thanks for visiting!!