My newest buy!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Photo borrowed from Tiramisu Bags

This is my newest buy! It's as if I hadn't had enough of shopping already!!

You see, I only bought 1 bag during my recent trip to Hong Kong. I was very disappointed! And while reading through one of the blogs that I'm visiting rather often nowadays - Flair in the City - I saw this bag. I was immediately taken by it! I liked the color - I've never owned a blue bag in whole life! So I sent a text message to the seller - her name's Mika (0917.8601860) she told me that the bags are available but she only ships them to the buyers, I can opt to purchase them at Peppered Cherry at Serendra. Good thing - my Panget and I were headed there yesterday - and so I made calls to check if there were stocks in Peppered Cherry - there were! Yehaaaa!! I was excited!!

I was told by Mika that the bag was priced at Php950.00 - regardless if I bought it from her or from Peppered Cherry. And so I was just expecting a damage of less than a thousand bucks - but then - the cashier told me that it was indeed a thousand bucks! Well, since I was already there - what the heck right?! Kinda confusing though..

Anyhoo, I LOVE THE BAG!! It's so spacious!! There are lots of pockets! So many things can fit inside the bag!! :) I really love it! Too bad it only comes in 1 color! I would have gotten it in all colors! (..that's how I am when I am in like with an item!)



  1. yep! the pad thai wasn't great. but i love their soup!

    yes please! link me up! Hey are you from ica too? I've been reading your blog for sometime now.

  2. its a nice bag...but i have a you actually utilize the pockets? i thought theyre only for decorative pourposes only

  3. Hello legallychef! I have to agree, their Tom Yum soup is goooooood! Yes, I'm from ICA :) a proud ICAn actually! :) Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    Hi John! YES, I actually utilize the pockets! :) Some are for decorative purposes - pero I hate yung ganun eh, sayang space!! Hahaha..

  4. Hey dear. Glad you made a purchase after reading the post on Tiramisu! ;)

    Anyway, I hope you can edit the post and upload the image to Blogger. Sorry dear, Flair in the City doesn't have its own domain, so bandwidth is kinda a problem. :)

  5. Hey Di! So you finally bought the bag? I take it that it's as good as it looks in the pic? How is the material and make by the way? Muka bang matibay?? =)

  6. Hello Angel! Thanks for telling me, hehe.. I love visiting your blog! Super informative! :)

    Hiya Jen! Yep, I bought the bag! It's really spacious! It seems matibay naman..:) Get one narin!!

  7. Cute, I love the color! I really need to admit to myself I need bigger bags, the ones I use now are bursting at the seams. Thanks for sharing her number, I might just give her a call. :)

  8. Hi Christine! Do call her! The bag's really spacious! :)

  9. Hi sweetie! Thanks for the good review! I'm so sorry about the price mix up!! - Mika