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Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've heard a lot of raves about Marta Matute's cakes - I've seen quite a few and tasted only one. I liked the colorfulness of her cakes! That is what actually sets her apart from the other cake makers - the style she uses to decorate her cakes.

I read from Market Man's post that she opened shop in Serendra. I was there about a month ago - but missed it! But about 2 weeks ago - I made it a point to go and visit the place - to see what it was about.

Before I entered the shop - there was a sign at the door that said they were on dry run. And so when I entered the shop - I was expecting to see lots of people going gaga in the kitchen - kind of like what I saw in another dessert place just down the street. But alas - it was not! Instead of chaos - there was complete steady-ness. I was welcomed by a spacious restaurant - a well lit store, cute tables and chairs for adults and kids - a chiller with colorful goodies - and Ms. Marta Matute herself!

She greeted me and my Panget with a pretty smile! Introduced her products one by one as she pointed them out on the display. As always - I picked the Vanilla Mini-Cake while my panget got the Mocha Mini-Cake (because of it's orange colored icing). The person behind the counter was very courteous and friendly - she even asked us if we wanted water.

Here are the pictures of the Mini-Cakes:

Vanilla Mini-Cake with Butter Cream Icing and beside it is what it looks like in the middle - I'm sort of a neat freak - Hahaha!!

Mocha Mini-Cake with Butter Cream Icing - As you can tell, my Panget isn't!!

I liked the Mini-Cakes because they're firmer - there's more bite to it compared to a cupcake (but I still love cupcakes! - the ones that I make of course! Just Kidding!) My Panget said that when he tasted my Vanilla cake - he was amazed because - for the first time ever - he tasted the vanilla in the Vanilla Mini-Cake! Thank goodness he liked it! He's such a sweet tooth pa naman! Now - will I be going back? Most definitely! For the cakes and for the Mini-Cake Decorating activity - that should be fun! :)

Marta's Cakes
Serendra (beside Chelsea)
Tel. 0917.5009984

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