Thursday, August 16, 2007

Okay - let's get it straight out - I have no clue what this Mexican Telenovela is all about. I know, people have been going gaga over Thalia long before the invasion of the Chino-velas! But seriously - what is it all about?

I have friends who made it a point to go home early and finish their homeworks to watch this show - but really - was it really that good? You see, I am a sucker for Telenovelas, ask my mom, my friends and my Panget! They'd all say the same thing - that I am indeed a sucker for them, I'd watch them and even discuss possible spoilers of the show with people! Ahhhhh... this is my 'drama' in life... :)

When I read in Sophie's blog - that she loved it (when it was still shown) - I sent her messages thru YM asking her what she show is all about. Ever so cute Sophie replied instantly - and here's what she told me on YM:

sophie : marimar starts with a young raggeddy ann dressed girl
sophie : hahaha
sophie : with lolo and lola
didi: nice ba?
sophie : falls in love with sergio the hairy chested guy riding a horse
sophie : then sergio marries her to spite her parents or whatever
sophie : then the household makes a laughingstock out of marimar esp angelika

sophie : renato's wife
sophie : then things get worse as angelika orders someone to burn the house of marimar's lolo and lola
sophie : d ko na maalala basta sa huli magiging iba na ang pagkatao ni marimar

sophie : under the name of bella aldama

Now, after reading that - I got fascinated. Looks like they indeed followed the recipe of a good telenovela!! :)

But will GMA 7's version compare to that of the original one? I will never know - because I don't have anything to compare it with! It's been day 3 (of showing) already - and I still haven't caught the local version! What time does it start anyway?! Dang it!!


  1. I admit to having watched the Thalia version. You shouldve watched that. Super vindicated siya sa huli, mwahahaha. Anyway, I think Marian Rivera, the new local actress is pretty good casting, sa looks alone. Have yet to see her acting though.

  2. Hi Char!! :) So it's really nice? I'm actually not fond of Thalia - I'd stick to Marian Rivera nalang siguro.. Hehehe..

  3. hahah I miss Marimar! buti nalang people upload episodes in YOUTUBE hehe! get to watch it there here in SG..Marian is actually pretty good, and ang hunk ni Dingdong haha :)