The Lake House

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Before I go to bed - I usually watch a DVD - I either watch a series or a movie. Last night, I was planning to watch High School Musical - but then searched on my DVD stash - to see if there was a movie that I missed! I chanced upon 'The Lake House'! I was told by my friends that it was a nice one - of course, the Korean version - Il Mare was nicer.

And so I watched it. And it made me cry!! Thrice!

One thing though - I mean, if the guy was from the Past and he was doing little bits of details to change the future - won't that have a big effect on the future? Anyhooo.. I loved the movie!!! :)


  1. Yes Di! I like Il Mare better =) I think I watched Il Mare before Lake house..I love them both! I LOVE CHICK FLICKS!!! =)hahaha

  2. I looooooved the movie!! I bet while watching Il Mare - I'll be wiping the tears agad to read the subtitles!! Hahaha..

  3. Oh yes you will Di!!! So get your box of kleenex before settling-in to watch the Il Mare dvd=)

    Shucks, I love korean-novelas din..I miss them na...maybe I'll watch my Kim Sam Soon and Full House dvd's again! hahahaha

  4. haven't watched this yet..but looks good..was it better than IL MARE??
    have you watched A MOMENT TO REMEMBER korean movie) should!! one of the best I've watched!

  5. Hi Jen! I'll try to look for the Il Mare DVD. Tanong ko kay Holden!

    Dee! Thanks for visiting! I saw that - and maganda nga sha! She's the same actress who did the movie The Classic - I also loooooooove than movie!!