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Monday, July 09, 2007

Barney Stinson

I just finished 18 episodes of How I Met your Mother's second season. And I am soooooo loving it to bits! I am so in like with Barney Stinson - he's hilarious! This has got to be my FAVORITE show now..

Everyone knows that I love Chandler Bing - (no one will ever take his place) but Barney Stinson - well, he comes the closest! I just love his humor - and the way he delivers the jokes!!

I can't wait to finish the second season - and I'm all excited for the next season!

If Chandler Bing has the line 'Can you be any......' - Barney has a more than one!

"It's going to be LEGEN-DARY!"
"What Up!"
"Suit Up!"

Yes, this show will definitely be legen-dary!!

Here's the link to Mindy's comparison with Friends.. - I have to say, Mindy - you've got it all!! :) Nice one! :)

Click here to go to Barney's blog


  1. Uy I did not Barney has a blog! Thanks for the link! :)

    There's another Friends/HIMYM comparison --- Barney's Job, which no one really knows what it is and he does not say, too..parang kay Chancy.Hehe!

  2. He has! He mentioned it during the 1st season and when I googled it - it was from the CBS website!

    Good comparison Mindy!!