My HK loot!

Monday, July 30, 2007

For now - this photo...

... my shopping loot from my recent HK trip. I think this will last me for the months to come - hopefully!! Hahaha...

more posts to follow - need to organize photos (of the few I took!)


  1. ermmm any pasalubong for me? lolz...jokes...

    you did some sizable stash of loot there...oks ba magshop sa HK these days? are the prices fairly reasonable?

  2. Hiya janungo! Pasalubong? You're so far away?! Hahaha.. Penge Maple syrup!

    Ok lang naman, if you're not too particular with the price - reasonable naman for me.. :)

  3. hahaha...well ang wierd nga eh...when we go home people ask us for maple syrup as pasalubong but people here in canada dont usually have maple syrup on a regular basis~! i guess same goes with dried mangoes...when i was in pinas i dont even look to get one of the packets...

    di bale ill bring you a maple leaf and a plain syrup ikaw na lang mag mix :P

  4. Pinahirapan mo pa ako! Ako pa ang ipapamix mo!! hahaha.. get me nalang the ones from Kirkland! Haha.. :)

  5. hahaha alam mo ang kirkland ha ^__^

  6. Of course!! hahaha..

    John - you have plans ba to come back here for a visit?

  7. hi didi, october im gonna be back to noy-pi land~~

    i'll try to have a rockin' time in manila this time around as i haven't been home for a while and will stay *longer*.

    i'll make sure to remember your senior kirkland's~~ make sure you share it with your *panget* and don't maul the whole bottle like my kumare winnie the pooh does with her honey :P