Loved it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I was skeptical when I saw the trailer, (uh, Mandy Moore again?!) - but managed to buy myself a copy hoping that since Dianne Keaton (I find her really really funny!) was starring in it - it would be nice... And it was!!

I was laughing and enjoying the movie!

How I wish I had sisters!! Theirs was the ideal mother and daughters relationship - they enjoyed each others' company but there were times they'd want to strangle the other.

I would looooooooove to watch it again, it's such a feel good movie!

It actually made me love and appreciate my mom even more!

Loved it! :)

By the way, Mandy Moore was great - she was sort of acting naturally and not overdoing it, and it was nice! I mean to see her act clumsily - it was effective. The tandem worked for me.. :) Loved it! :)

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