Cookbook Kitchen

Thursday, July 12, 2007

borrowed this image from Anton's blog
Last night I went to dinner with my Panget and his family - this was to celebrate his birthday the day before. I learned of this place from Christine (who learned it from Anton) - I was very eager to try it out, and my Panget and I finally did last month.

We picked this place for my Panget's Birthday treat because this restaurant is quiet, serves comfort food and at the same time it's not crowded (for Baby Elle's sake). It's tucked in a small street in Mandaluyong - if you're driving too fast - you just might miss it. (No kidding!)

When we arrived - we were the only ones there first - there were no other customers yet - and it was quiet, slightly dimmed - kinda homey. The servers were all smiling and attentive. The place is like a small living room that was converted into a restaurant - it was small but not that small - it can probably hold a function that would fit 40 people.

When the rest of my Panget's family members arrived - I was kind of nervous that they might not like the food there. Not that I think the resto is not so great, but I think they a high expectation of the taste of the food. We ordered the following dishes:
- Parmersan Crusted White Fish
- Fish Casserole
- Pork Steak with Honey Mustard
- Pan-fried Chicken
- CBK Chicken

20 minutes had passed and our orders haven't been served yet, my Panget's dad was starting to complain and asked the servers if they gave any free bread since our orders were taking forever. The smiled, apologized and said they didn't. I think maybe they should next time - as the baking time (if you're getting the Fish dishes) takes a little longer than usual. Good thing that after a few minutes - they our food arrived!

Parmesan Crusted White Fish

The verdict? THEY ALL LOVED THE FOOD! I loved the Fish Casserole, my Panget loved his Pork Chops, my Panget's mom, dad and sister loved the Parmesan Crusted White Fish! It was a runaway winner!

I was impressed with the food - everything they served us tasted magnificent. I'm not exaggerating but - they tasted so great that we had a second order of the Parmesan Crusted White Fish! Now, I know why this remains their best seller!

I can't wait to eat there again!!

Cookbook Kitchen
Socorro Fernandez Street,
Mandaluyong City
Tels. 724-3595

Here's the map below in case you're interested to visit them:


  1. Oh, wow! :) I'd love to try this! Achie Jenn ( ) loves this place, too :)

  2. Shobe! You know Jenn too!? We go to the same Yoga studio! :) Small world ah!! Kakaiba na ito!

    Try it shobe! Let's go together with Jenn!

  3. aba, let's! let's go together nga!! stan and i always look at the menu, and we just always order the parmesan white fish. hahahaha! then we always order one slice of scarlet cake, and then it's ALWAYS kulang, so we order another one! hahahahahahah! Let's go!! Kev studies in the school beside it!


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