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Monday, July 09, 2007

We have this 40 foot container that we have been trying to get rid of for the past few months. It was only last June that we were able to sell it to a family friend. I was told that the container will be hauled out of our place today.

We all waited for it.

We all wondered how it will be hauled out.

At exactly 2:30pm - 3 vehicles arrived. 1 truck carried the forklift, another truck was for the container itself, and another was for the driver who led the 'team' to our place.

I think for about 30 minutes - all the work in our factory stopped. They all looked out and watched as the container was being hauled out.

I've never in my whole life seen anything like it! I thought that since I saw small forklifts hauling stacks of cases of San Miguel Beer - that, that was it - but it wasn't. It's a LOT different (and heavier!)..

Manong Operator - the choreographer

I admire and am impressed by Manong operator - the forklift operator who also choreographed the whole thing. Yes, apparently there needs to be a choreographer/leader who tells people what to do.

It was quite a tedious task. Since our factory was located in a not so big road - the challenge was how to have the truck - that will be carrying the container van - be driven inside the compound. Everyone thought it was hopeless - as they tried more than thrice to buwelta (maneuver) the truck inside. Then Manong Operator came up with a bright idea - he said that he will use the forklift - to lift the end tail of the truck - so it can move in easily. And it did! It was a sight to see!

Here are the pictures that I took - unfortunately - my camera's battery was dying and so the captures were somehow selective..

Bye bye container! We will surely miss you!!

**Pictures to follow

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  1. are you from philippines? may i get the info of the hauling company? thannks!