Beijing Travel Bug

Monday, July 02, 2007

I was browsing through shobe Sophie's blog and a title caught my eye - Beijing Travel Bug. You see, I spent half a year in Beijing last 2002 - and with that, I fell in love with the city. Dirty, Filthy, Impolite, ruthless and backward - say whatever negative thing you can think of - I fell in love with the city. Since I spent half a year there - you can say that it somehow became part of me. I grew up there, I literally did. And I will forever be indebted to Beijing for whatever transformation it brought about in me. Memories shared will forever be treasured.

Since I love Beijng - and I'm super curious about China's history (ask my Panget how many Mao books I've bought and how fascinated I am with China) I clicked the link, and it literally brought me back to the place I sort of call home (I know! Icky, but true!)

For those of us who miss our Beijing life.... Here's a blog to take us back in time. Although I'm thinking that the place has changed dramatically over the years, it's still the same Beijing we know and love...

I will for sure be a lurker of this blog - I will also leave comments every now and then, feeling close! Hahaha

I actually have a theory. Those who have gone to Beijing to study, they have this bond with others who have also been there, despite the time and batch differences (in which they went) - Call me crazy but for sure - all of us who went to Beijing had experienced something in common - and that is what will start the bond in all of us. Beijing is just one of the common denominators - the experiences will be somehow the same, different in certain degrees but still the same.

I wish I can go back.... But for now - this blog will do.... :)

To the person who mans the blog... Thank you for sharing, you just don't know how much I miss the place.... Imagine - 5 years...... 5 long years...


  1. haha thanks for reading them, I'm kinda slowly making articles for it, although short term lang ako (like 6months there) I still have a lot to talk about! Yea, we share the same sentiments and only my friends from Beijing get the weird sentimental feeling haha :) and I enjoy reading your blog too :)

  2. I'm a classmate of dee. And I so miss Beijing too! After how many months, I'm still feeling nostalgic! I think this nostalgic feeling will forever be here!

    I agreed with your sentiment that those who came to study in China have this certain bond that only them understand!

  3. How you feel about Beijing is how I feel about London. I miss it big time, and I feel I found myself there. I went through a transformation that I think would have taken a whole lot longer (like maybe 10 yrs longer or more) if I had never left Manila to live there for a while. :)

    BTW, your post couldn't have come at a better time. I am currently planning my trip to Beijing in November with some girl friends. We're booked for Nov 1 - 5. I would super appreciate any tips or advice you'd like to give me. :) I'll show you a copy of my itinerary too so you can comment if you like? Thanks for the link to that site!

  4. Hello dee and Anonymous! I miss Beijing talaga, super! I miss eating Re Ben Tou Fu! And having buffet sa Golden Elephant! I miss the 'er' accents! And the arguments with the locals! Hahaha.. Napapractice yung Mandarin ko di oras!

    Hi Christine! I feel the exact same way! If I had never left - I would not have grown at all! I would love to help you out! Please do send me your itenarary at - I'll try my best! :)