Am I cured?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I hate chocolates - and everyone who knows me, knows that too!

But last night - well - here goes.

You see Jake - sent my Panget an Oreo Cheesecake for his birthday and after our dinner at the Cookbook Kitchen - we headed to my Panget's house to get some Hizon's cake for me. My Panget first took out the cheesecake and then proceeded to take out the Hizon's cake from the ref. When I looked at the cheesecake - I was sort of intrigued by it. It was black - covered with Oreo cookie bits. And then the next thing that happened - I was not entirely aware of until my Panget called my attention.

I took a piece and ate it! I can't believe that I liked how it tasted!!

Oh my gosh.............. Am I cured?????????????


  1. Oh no! You hate chocolate?! There's got to be a cure for that! Just kidding (sort of), but on the bright side, you are bypassing a huge calorie issue by not consuming tei addictive stuff every day, like some of us do. :-)

  2. Yes, I do! I don't like the color, the taste and the smell! That's why I'm all curious when people say that they have a weak spot for chocolates or that chocolates taste heavenly :P

  3. hi di!!! i the thought that the idea of you trying out the oreo cheesecake was a surprise already, all the more when you actually liked it! ;0) how about a super moist chocolate cake?!? ;0)