Untold Pinoy Stories

Friday, June 01, 2007

I hate to admit it, but I love a good gossip. I have my monthly fix of OK! and Yes! magazines from Summit Publishing every month. But a few weeks ago, I was brought to this blog - Unotld Pinoy Stories by accident. I was browsing through blogsites and came to this site. It was love at first read.

I swear - the stories were greatly written, it was like the story was slowly unfolding in front of your eyes as you get to the next sentence!

I am now officially a 'fan' of this site. I've already linked it up! :)

Very intriguing... Hmmmmmmmmm.... What's next?!


  1. Received some of the stories by mail! Didnt know there was a website!!! Entertaining read! Thanks Didi! hehehe.

  2. Hiya Char! Naks! You're part of the mailing list pala ah!