Monday, June 18, 2007

Last Saturday night, I went to Trinoma to watch Fantastic Four: The rise of the Silver Surfer. I was kind of excited to see that Trinoma looked like - I was told not to expect anything because the place is still undergoing works, as it was only 50% finished.

I've read Anton's entry on Trinoma - and I was told by a friend that the place was still dusty and most of the stores were still closed.

Here are my observations and comments:

- The parking was really confusing - it was zigzag-y! Although it was huge - the route was kind of blah - it was confusing period. AND THEY ALREADY CHARGE A FEE OF PHP30.00! The mall is still not fully operational - so why charge those who just want to take a look at it?! The lighting also was a bad, the roofdeck parking had no sufficient lighting! It was too dark. As for the floors below - only certain portions had lights, the others were dim.

- Most shops inside the mall were still closed! There was nothing to do really, than walk around and say to oneself 'Ooohh! (Name of store) will be opening?! When will they be operational kaya?'

- The cinemas were all operational. This is one thing I looked forward to! There is no need anymore to travel more than 15 minutes to watch a movie in a nice cinema! I was shocked to learn that the THX cinema can accomodate 600+ people?! Huge cinema, one observation though - the screen was a tad small - I mean since it's a huge cinema - I was thinking - the screen should be scalled to fit the cinema. But that's just me.

- The mall is DUSTY at night! Of course, the work is done at night right? Well, it's really dusty and noisy at the same time!

- The tiles - poor tiles! There were so many that already had cracks! As we went down the escalators after th movie - there were people hammering the tiles off the floorings! There were even X marks on them. Poor tiles supplier!

Overall, I think when the works will be completed - the mall will look amazing. The mall actually reminds me of a mall in Hong Kong called Pacific Place. I'm really so happy with the cinemas! Finally, a nice comfortable cinema in Quezon City!!

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