Lost Season 3 Finale

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finally! I've seen the season finale of Lost. There were moments where I got teary eyed, the show for me became more interesting. Somehow, I think the creators are trying to tie up some lose ends so that they can end in time - I read somewhere that she show will have 6 seasons.

A friend of mine told me yesterday afternoon that a friend of hers told her that after watching the season finale - that Lost was still the best show for her. I was actually disappointed with the first few episodes of Lost's 3rd season - the story seems to open more cans of worms! There were additional characters, addtional plot lines, additional conflicts and lots more! The problem was that the questions from the first season - still did not have any answers! Now, why was that? I was beginning to think that we were all being duped into watching this intriguing show - I was afraid that one of the theories might be true - that they were part of a Reality TV show.

Nonetheless - I bought myself a copy of the whole season - I love Lost, and even if it was disappointing at first, I am still willing to give it another chance. To be honest - I am a fan of the Jack-Kate love team, yes - somehow - there's this kilig feeling that I have whenever they have a scene together.

Here are my highlights of the finale:

- When Jack told Kate that he loves her. My gosh - my mouth was literally left open for about a minute or so. I couldn't believe what I heard at first, that I had the rewind to listen to it again!

- When Charlie was speaking to Penny on the monitor! Finally, someone from the outside world!

- When Charlie decided that he needed to fullfil his destiny. That was such a big sacrifice!

- When I saw Walt - I almost jumped out of my bed!

- When the 2 shooters successfully executed the plan to surprise the others

- When Hurley saves the day! I also almost jumped out of bed when I realized who was driving!


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