How I met your mother

Monday, June 25, 2007

I was told by many that this show is really funny and nice. And last Friday night - I started watching the series. The verdict? Well, I liked it! I found it really funny, it was as if the funny bone in me was unleashed! In the first few minutes I was laughing!

It was quite the opposite of what I was watching for the past few days - Lost, Heroes and 24. It was nice that I was watching something funny - I kind of miss FRIENDS now. I really do! I don't think there's any show that can be compared to FRIENDS.

The only thing that comes close for me would be - this show - How I met your mother. The characters were new to me, the only familiar faces were of course Barney who's played by Dr. Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) and Michelle the bank chick (Alyson Hannigan). These two are hilarious! I love Barney's character the most! I find him really really funny - he projects an effortless funny asshole/jerk - but it works! He's my favorite now. Lily - on the otherhand is subdued but is also funny, the team up of her and Marshall is so great because they complement one another! Ted - well, he's another story. His humor is more subtle and he's more loveable compared to the 3 guys. As for Robin - well, she's cute alright but she's just too damn straight! I like the fact that she has 5 dogs!

I can't wait for my brother to download the 2nd season!! I just can't wait!

And according to Mindy - my favorite TV blogger!! :) She says it's quite comparable to FRIENDS. I'm getting more and more excited!!

Suit up!!


  1. This is one of my favorite shows! I always tell people how it's the next best thing to Friends (though I wouldnt go so far as to say it's comparable) when I beg them to watch it. It's "legendary"!!! :)

  2. Yey, Didi has met Ted! :) Bilis, watch Season 2 na!

    Tapos ask your brother to download COUPLING na rin, the British Friends, pero may treatment like what How I Met does it.

    Download Coupling here: --- that's the whole series already, less than 35 episodes.

    YouTube Coupling:

  3. Mindy and Christine: I super love the line 'So, Haaaaaaaaa-ve you met Ted?' It's so funny! I'm really excited to watch the 2nd season! Konting tiis nalang! :)

    Mindy! Will, follow your advise, will tell my bro to download it for me.. :)

  4. i super love this series, barney is so darn funny! pero naiinip na ako malaman sino na yung "mom", well till next season! :)

  5. im just now getting into the show and want to watch how i met your mother to download some episodes for my ipod, but was wondering wat was ur favorite episode so i have some ideas of one to download.