GirlTalk Ban!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I have been a member of femalenetwork's GirlTalk since 2003 or 2004. And this morning when I opened my Yahoo!Mail - I got a message from them that I was - BANNED! I tried to access the site but there's an error - look at the image above - that is what I saw when I accessed the site.

Anyhoo, below is the image of the email message that was sent to me. The first 2 warnings - I admit to it, but the last warning - well - it was not entirely my fault. You see in this forum, members are allowed to post only 3 threads per child board of the For Sale forum. The threads have a life of 14 days, afterwhich - are you only allowed to post a new one.

Last Monday - I posted a new thread because there was one thread that was going to expire already. Then I was sent a warning, since it was a warning and the thread was deleted - I dismissed it.

And this morning.. well, I was already banned.

I hope I can get back to the forum soon, as I already miss posting in various threads. I hope the Moderator Team can reconsider and lift my ban. I think a suspension may be a more fitting punishment.


  1. anobayan! why did they ban you? ikaw pa? these mods talaga... baka naman may konting misunderstanding lang sis. nothing that a letter or two can fix. dont worry, im sure theyll cancel that ban in no time. itll be GTs loss kung mawawala peeps like you no!

  2. Thanks Gita for the vote of confidence.. I'm actually quite sad now, I miss GT! Argh.. I'll try to write them nga eh.. Sana ma-lift yung ban.. Huhu..

  3. sis kakalungkot naman yang balita mo. sana makabalik ka agad.

  4. I registed na ulit with another handle. Sayang yung mga post count ko! Hay, life must go on!