Saturday, June 30, 2007

FINALLY! The long wait is over! Watched it last night and I was blown away. There was only one thing that I didn't like - and it was Megatron. I didn't expect him to be all spiky, I was expecting the white/silver guy with the head like that of a Storm Trooper! But I guess, it was just me - those I was with, they didn't care! Haha..

The action scenes were terrific, the dialogue - well, I loved all of it! The humor too, it was a fan-tastic movie for me! I can watch it again and again! I loved the fact that I was surprised to see Bernie Mac aka Bobby Bolivia , Jon Voight aka Defense Secretaty Keller, Jon Tuturro as Agent Simmons, and Anthony Anderson aka Glenn Whitman

The biggest hit in the movie for me was Sam Witwicky played by the youngs Shia Lebouf! I refer to him as the Even Stevens guy because he was in Even Stevens - the way he portrayed his character and delivered his lines - wow.. I'm such a fan! Now I know why this kid is such a 'hit' nowadays. Megan Fox aka Carla Santini (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen) - well, she's oh-so pretty and sexy and alluring - an eye candy for the guys in the audience! :) She's hot!

The movie wreaked of Michael Bay. The flare smoke, the empty warehouse, the fight scenes, the camera angles, the romantic kissing scene at the end of the movie - there was a Michael Bay signature in every scene. Duh, but seriously, like what my Panget said - the scenes were taken from Armageddon, The Rock and Bad Boys.

I'd looooooooove to watch it again.


Friday, June 29, 2007

I think I may have pulled a muscle in my right lowerback (specifically the upper butt area) I've been having this pain for the past 2 weeks and I have just been delaying going to the hilot - to have it fixed somehow.

Last night - I finally found the courage to do so (with my Panget in tow).

And today - I feel.... GREAT!!!

Thanks Aling Manding! You truly are the best!! :)

As for Yoga - well, I'm thinking if I should take it down a notch and just do it as often as I can and not everyday as I do now.


How I met your mother

Monday, June 25, 2007

I was told by many that this show is really funny and nice. And last Friday night - I started watching the series. The verdict? Well, I liked it! I found it really funny, it was as if the funny bone in me was unleashed! In the first few minutes I was laughing!

It was quite the opposite of what I was watching for the past few days - Lost, Heroes and 24. It was nice that I was watching something funny - I kind of miss FRIENDS now. I really do! I don't think there's any show that can be compared to FRIENDS.

The only thing that comes close for me would be - this show - How I met your mother. The characters were new to me, the only familiar faces were of course Barney who's played by Dr. Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) and Michelle the bank chick (Alyson Hannigan). These two are hilarious! I love Barney's character the most! I find him really really funny - he projects an effortless funny asshole/jerk - but it works! He's my favorite now. Lily - on the otherhand is subdued but is also funny, the team up of her and Marshall is so great because they complement one another! Ted - well, he's another story. His humor is more subtle and he's more loveable compared to the 3 guys. As for Robin - well, she's cute alright but she's just too damn straight! I like the fact that she has 5 dogs!

I can't wait for my brother to download the 2nd season!! I just can't wait!

And according to Mindy - my favorite TV blogger!! :) She says it's quite comparable to FRIENDS. I'm getting more and more excited!!

Suit up!!

Kangaroo Meat

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Panget told me to post this.

This is Kangaroo Meat:

Looks appetizing huh?!

Some kind of a rare, don't you think?

Lost Season 3 Finale

Finally! I've seen the season finale of Lost. There were moments where I got teary eyed, the show for me became more interesting. Somehow, I think the creators are trying to tie up some lose ends so that they can end in time - I read somewhere that she show will have 6 seasons.

A friend of mine told me yesterday afternoon that a friend of hers told her that after watching the season finale - that Lost was still the best show for her. I was actually disappointed with the first few episodes of Lost's 3rd season - the story seems to open more cans of worms! There were additional characters, addtional plot lines, additional conflicts and lots more! The problem was that the questions from the first season - still did not have any answers! Now, why was that? I was beginning to think that we were all being duped into watching this intriguing show - I was afraid that one of the theories might be true - that they were part of a Reality TV show.

Nonetheless - I bought myself a copy of the whole season - I love Lost, and even if it was disappointing at first, I am still willing to give it another chance. To be honest - I am a fan of the Jack-Kate love team, yes - somehow - there's this kilig feeling that I have whenever they have a scene together.

Here are my highlights of the finale:

- When Jack told Kate that he loves her. My gosh - my mouth was literally left open for about a minute or so. I couldn't believe what I heard at first, that I had the rewind to listen to it again!

- When Charlie was speaking to Penny on the monitor! Finally, someone from the outside world!

- When Charlie decided that he needed to fullfil his destiny. That was such a big sacrifice!

- When I saw Walt - I almost jumped out of my bed!

- When the 2 shooters successfully executed the plan to surprise the others

- When Hurley saves the day! I also almost jumped out of bed when I realized who was driving!


Geeks Paradise

Monday, June 18, 2007

I hate to admit it but my Panget - well, he's sort of a geek. A toy and comics geek. I accompany him every weekend to buy his week's loot of comics and toys in Greenhills. And since we got together, we have been attending this event every year.

Upon stepping on the 5th floor of Megamall - there were so many people dressed like Anime characters! Amazing - they were really into this dressing up as Anime! As I patiently waited for my Panget to do his rounds - I excused myself to go to the restroom. I was shocked because - well, there were teeners there accompanied by their moms - helping them dress up and put on make-up! Wow, talk about dedication and support!


Last Saturday night, I went to Trinoma to watch Fantastic Four: The rise of the Silver Surfer. I was kind of excited to see that Trinoma looked like - I was told not to expect anything because the place is still undergoing works, as it was only 50% finished.

I've read Anton's entry on Trinoma - and I was told by a friend that the place was still dusty and most of the stores were still closed.

Here are my observations and comments:

- The parking was really confusing - it was zigzag-y! Although it was huge - the route was kind of blah - it was confusing period. AND THEY ALREADY CHARGE A FEE OF PHP30.00! The mall is still not fully operational - so why charge those who just want to take a look at it?! The lighting also was a bad, the roofdeck parking had no sufficient lighting! It was too dark. As for the floors below - only certain portions had lights, the others were dim.

- Most shops inside the mall were still closed! There was nothing to do really, than walk around and say to oneself 'Ooohh! (Name of store) will be opening?! When will they be operational kaya?'

- The cinemas were all operational. This is one thing I looked forward to! There is no need anymore to travel more than 15 minutes to watch a movie in a nice cinema! I was shocked to learn that the THX cinema can accomodate 600+ people?! Huge cinema, one observation though - the screen was a tad small - I mean since it's a huge cinema - I was thinking - the screen should be scalled to fit the cinema. But that's just me.

- The mall is DUSTY at night! Of course, the work is done at night right? Well, it's really dusty and noisy at the same time!

- The tiles - poor tiles! There were so many that already had cracks! As we went down the escalators after th movie - there were people hammering the tiles off the floorings! There were even X marks on them. Poor tiles supplier!

Overall, I think when the works will be completed - the mall will look amazing. The mall actually reminds me of a mall in Hong Kong called Pacific Place. I'm really so happy with the cinemas! Finally, a nice comfortable cinema in Quezon City!!

My mom's loot..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ever watched that episode of Friends where Chandler and Ross went to a Bed and Breakfast in Vermont? Then to make things even - Ross teaches Chandler to take what is just from the hotel? Well, I hate to admit it but I'm kinda one of those people.

Since we all pay good money for our hotels - it is just but right that we get items such as complimentary shampoos & conditioners, toothbrushes and paste, cotton buds, tissues, tea bag, fruits, and the like.

My mom has this thing for tissues. She loved them! She would get a box or two and keep it to herself! And last night - well, you can say that this was the first time it has happened.

She came back from Hong Kong - she brought home 3 pieces, 1 is a luggage and 2 were boxes. One of which contained roasted pork, roasted goose and roasted duck - and the other? Well, it was half filled with tissue boxes! Apparently - she got them from the hotel.

No - she did not steal them! They were given to her by the hotel! How? Well, whenever the leaves the hotel - she keeps the entire box of facial tissues in her luggage. In turn - housekeeping refills them every single time! Technically - she did not get them from the pushcarts! Hahaha...

This is one of the reasons why I love it when I travel with my mom. Technicalities of getting even. Hahahaha!! :)

30-Day Challenge - COMPLETE!

Finally! I'm done! Congrats to myself! Yipee!!

A problem though - while I was doing the Salabasna - Locust Pose - the one where you lift one leg at a time. I was lifting my left leg - and I felt a sharp pain on my lowerback. I dismissed it thinking it was nothing.

After the session - I was feeling great!

Then when I tried to sit down on the bench inside the Studio - there it was... the pain. It was as if I couldn't sit down properly. I had to hold my back really straight and walk slowly. I tried again after a few seconds and the pain was still there. Argh!

When I was picked up the pain was still there. Every little movement I made - there was pain.


Bye bye Dr. Burke!

Friday, June 08, 2007

I can't believe he was let go from the cast!
Who will head Neuro now in Seattle Grace??

So long Dr. Preston Burke.. Article
EW Article

GirlTalk Ban!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I have been a member of femalenetwork's GirlTalk since 2003 or 2004. And this morning when I opened my Yahoo!Mail - I got a message from them that I was - BANNED! I tried to access the site but there's an error - look at the image above - that is what I saw when I accessed the site.

Anyhoo, below is the image of the email message that was sent to me. The first 2 warnings - I admit to it, but the last warning - well - it was not entirely my fault. You see in this forum, members are allowed to post only 3 threads per child board of the For Sale forum. The threads have a life of 14 days, afterwhich - are you only allowed to post a new one.

Last Monday - I posted a new thread because there was one thread that was going to expire already. Then I was sent a warning, since it was a warning and the thread was deleted - I dismissed it.

And this morning.. well, I was already banned.

I hope I can get back to the forum soon, as I already miss posting in various threads. I hope the Moderator Team can reconsider and lift my ban. I think a suspension may be a more fitting punishment.

Death of a puppy

Monday, June 04, 2007

Wytee - she died yesterday morning.

We were all saddened because we thought she would fight and make it. We had to rush her to a nearby vet (thank goodness she was still up at 130am!)

But she sent me a text message at 7:37am - saying that Wytee did not make it, and that she did all that she could.

Rest in Peace Wytee! We love you very much!

We will miss you....

Untold Pinoy Stories

Friday, June 01, 2007

I hate to admit it, but I love a good gossip. I have my monthly fix of OK! and Yes! magazines from Summit Publishing every month. But a few weeks ago, I was brought to this blog - Unotld Pinoy Stories by accident. I was browsing through blogsites and came to this site. It was love at first read.

I swear - the stories were greatly written, it was like the story was slowly unfolding in front of your eyes as you get to the next sentence!

I am now officially a 'fan' of this site. I've already linked it up! :)

Very intriguing... Hmmmmmmmmm.... What's next?!