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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Last Labor Day, I bought myself actually my Panget paid for it.. a few DVDs. Finally, I had a copy of Music and Lyrics, The Departed, and Studio 60.

Music and Lyrics - mainly because of Drew Barrymore. I just love her and the way she portrays her characters! I have been hearing raves about the movie and it's soundtrack too! And so it got me curious of course! My Panget intentionally forgot to set this movie date for me.
Review : I found the movie endearing! It was really cute. The actors were perfect for their roles! Hugh Grant - I can't explain it but his method of acting - very effective! And Drew - Drew Barrymore - one of my favorite actresses! I love her character and the way she portrays it! The movie is definitely a chick-flick - a nice chick- flick acutally! The soundtrack was also great! I love the British envasion Pop style of music! I really have a soft spot of musical movies (i.e. High School Musical, Grease and The Sound of Music)

The Departed - An english (and shorter) version of the Asian Hit, Infernal Affairs with Martin Scorsese directing. Enough said.
Review : I honestly thought that this deserved an Academy Award - it was well directed and the actors meshed very well together. Although the accent was not as convincing I expected, the acting was brilliant - for a star-studded cast! I was at one point - sympathizing with Leo's characted Bill - and I was shocked at the ending, although the ending justified the movie's title. Matt Damon - well, he's such an effective antagonist that I somehow started to dislike him. Hahaha! The female lead - Vera Farmiga - wasn't the prettiest but she fit her role to a T! She was cast perfectly! I give snaps to the casting director. The movie for me was really great - you can feel what the characters are going through!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - I love Matthew Perry! I miss Chandler Bing even more! And upon hearing that he had a show again - I was giddy with excitement! I've read good reviews on this show too!
Review: I love it. I can't wait to see the next episodes! Matt and Danny complement one another on screen! I never expected to the actor who plays Danny! I used to dislike him because of the roles he's usually cast in. But in this series - I love them together! Amanda Peet also feels so natural on TV! Nice casting. Good job Casting Director!

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