The Dresden Files and a baby crib..

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yesterday was a day of firsts. It was my first time to watch a few episodes of the Sci-Fi series The Dresden Files, my first time to attend a Kiddie party in the middle of the week and my very first time in assembling a baby's crib!

After the party - my Panget and I together with Imma and Marshall then went on to Metrowalk - to buy some DVDs. After an hour or so - I convinced my Panget to eat Halo-Halo at Icebergs (asm my mom said that the Halo-Halo there was okay). After our mid-afternoon merienda - we headed to my Panget's brother's house. We got there just in time (we were supposed to help him fix and transfer stuffs around the house - he and his wife are expecting ther first child soon) - He was watching a new series he discovered, The Dresden Files; at first it seemed weird - but give it about 15 minutes and it gets better. It's a Sci-Fi series with a merry mix of comedy, action, sci-fi and mystery. It seemed to me like the male version of Charmed - but with only one male lead and his female cop friend whom he calls Murphy.

After watching a few episodes of the Dresden Files and with a little persistence of my Panget's SIL (who was watching us via webcam) we then proceeded in assemble-ing (what's the correct spelling???) the crib that was lent to them. I was with two guys - two guys who had no clue what a crib looked like! We were bringing the pieces from the baby room to the master's bedroom. I was actually quite shocked that they didn't know what a crib looked like! It was then that it dawned on me that these were guys - they didn't care about cribs! They were absolutely clueless on what should go where! It was a really a funny thing! The SIL of my panget insisted on wanting to watch us assemble the crib - so I had to move the laptop so she can view us working. I enjoyed every minute of assembling that crib - every single second! The 3 of us worked together -with me - telling them what went where and what to do. I was kind of the boss - and they were willing subjects - very willing as I never heard them contest, complain nor whine. They just followed. Nice huh? :) I think my Panget's brother was glad we were there to help him - he told us that he does not even know what a crib looked like, what more - assemble one! And now he knows - he's a first time dad you know and I think most guys would assume that a crib will be delivered to your doorstep - assembled and ready to be slept in. Well, that's what my Panget told me. I'm really excited to meet my Panget's neice! If I'm excited - I think my Panget's brother and his wife are more excited! See you soon baby girl!

Here's an image on what the crib looks like - sans the baby and the other stuffs:

That's what it really looks like (no joke!) I found it weird that when I hit the search button at Google Images - this was the first thing that came out. Coincidence? Probably!!


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  2. Thanks for the heads up! Will check it out! :) Cheers!