Friday, May 25, 2007

I never thought this would happen to me, it did cross my mind - but I just shrugged it off. Since I began doing Bikram Yoga - the thought of losing a pair of flipflops - Havaianas to be exact crossed my mind. You see, we leave our flipflops in the studio near the entrance as we go barefoot in the studio. I've told friends to be careful with their flipflops - as they might get switched with another pair. Ivy was not as lucky - I remember that night, she called me up and asked me if I mistakenly took her pair, I said no because my pair had bite marks (from the puppies I have at home) - I then asked her for the size of her pair, she said they were 39/40, well - I'm a 37/38 - so it wasn't me. That was about a few months ago.

Last night - it was my turn. Yes, when I was about the leave the studio - I looked for my pair at the exact same place I placed it (I make it a point to remember where I placed them so that it won't get switched with another). Lo and behold - THEY WERE F-ing GONE! I looked at the reception area - told Jemel and Alex that someone had mistaken my pair with theirs. Damn. I couldn't believe it! I lost my favorite bronze Havaianas! The one that was left was of the same color and size, but a different stle - it had a line at the sides - the style is called Brazil, it even had a Brazil flag on the strap.

I had no choice but to wear them home. I was literally walking in another's slippers/shoes - LITERALLY! Can you believe that?! Argh......

Now what do I do?! All I can do its wait, wait for someone to return my favorite pair to the studio. I'm giving it a week or two - if no one returns it - well, I might just have to sell it and buy a new pair!

What a sad way to start the weekend.

Now what flipflop will I wear over the weekend?? Sigh..


  1. next time wear some spartan sandals so no one would think of stealing them :P hehehe...ayaw mo non...para kang greek goddess?

  2. buy ka na nga lang ng havanas :)
    mas mura nga yun

    or leave your pricey havaianas somewhere safe

  3. Hi janusngo! I might just get a cheap pair of flipflops or just bring my ever reliable Islander slippers!

    Hi Tutubi - I might just take your advice and go for those havanas! I have a spot now where I place my flipflops - kasi for sure dun, walang maglalagay ng tsinelas nila!