Whisper & P&G Update

Monday, April 30, 2007

Last Saturday, I received a package from SYKES ASIA - I was wondering what it was, and when I opened it - it was the replacement pack of the Whisper Napkins. It came with a letter dated April 12, 2007 where it was written that I was supposed to receive the same kind of napkin I complained about. Well - unfortunately, with they didn't have it on stock or it was deliberate - I got another kind of napkin AND there's a price tag!

Unbelievable - the least they could do was give me the same pack I complained of, instead they gave me one that - maybe fit the description. What was worse was that it was sent out - April 28, 2007.

Hmmm.. Nice customer service eh?

Here's the copy of the letter, the replacement napkin and the waybill, click on the images to have a closer look:

The waybill

Here's the body of the letter

The actual replacement napkin with the price tag


  1. hm, that is one heck of a late response. but at least they got around to it right? but the Mystery of the Red Ants will forever haunt me. -.-

    linked you already.

  2. Ahahaha. Mukhang binili lang sa grocery sa Robinson's ah. The least P&G could have done is to send the replacement from their warehouse, directly from P&G instead of sending an outsourced customer service rep to the supermarket to send the replacement. Wow.

  3. Hi liz! It still haunts me too! Yikes!

    Hi anonymous - it felt kind of insulting lalo na with the price tag , but hey - we're in the Philippines!

  4. i doubt it if it came from P&G directly.. baka sa office niyo lang bumili.. may price tag pa e.. tapos mali.. or baka naman pinalitan, di kaya?!? ehehhe

  5. Chel - It came from SYKES ASIA like what the waybill said. I was surprised with the price tag too! Who are you referring to na nagpalit?

  6. u truly are a complaint connoiseur. wot a fancy term for a whiner. i read this whole "ants in an unopened whisper pack" thingy. girl, you write to whine don't you? i wouldn't want to have crawling ants in my pads, if that had happened to me i would've called the customer service hotline as well but you should feel important as a customer because they sent out a replacement. nobody wanted, nor told those ants to live in your pads. the best P&G could do was to send out replacement and instead of feeling special, here you are bitching about service. i read the rep told you it would take 10-15 WORKING DAYS for the replacement? girl... saturdays and sundays aren't working days are they? the package reached you within the 15 working days promised no matter where it came from (though the price tag was a bit off i agree)but honestly, if i had been that rep i wouldn't have sent out a replacement... buhsides the ants could have come from anywhere. people like you never appreciate things. you just live to complain.

    i'm a whiner, too. i write to whine about bitches who never stop whining.

    i could send the link of your blog to p&g to sort this out. i'm thinking of calling their hotline too to complain.

  7. Hello Anonymous thanks for your comment! I appreciate your honesty. But you see, this is MY blog and I can whine all I want, if I wanted to. I can't believe that what I wrote struck you enough to make a comment like this - Hmmm...

    Yes, they gave me a replacement pack - but I was hoping they'd give me the exact same one I complained about. I think one should not accept mediocrity when it comes to customer service.

    Thanks again!

  8. Wow, you are one hell of a whiner.
    I have no recollection anymore how I came about your blog, but geee this is definitely the first-ever time I've read two or three posts about someone complaining about antsy napkins.

    You should be awarded Queen Bee of all consumers.
    Queen Bee, as in, one who feels like she's the most important consumer there is.

    If I were you I would've called the hotline or written, that's it. Surely wouldn't blog about antsies in the panties...whoops, napkins. =p

    Goodluck on your quest to find ant-free napkins
    (and i hope they didn't get as far as in THERE.)

  9. Hello Anonymous! Firstly - thanks for dropping by my blog! Secondly, I gather from your tone that - you're a guy! :) Because females won't respond violently to the way you did. Thirdly - why place Anonymous, you could have been BRAVE and put your name or whatever. Tsk.. Tsk..

    I would LOVE to be the Queen Bee of consumers! I think all of us would LOVE to feel that way!! :) We have the RIGHT you know?

    Why would I stop with the call and writing? Why won't I blog about it? Its a free country - and its my blog, remember?

    Yes, good luck to me and good luck to you as well!

    May the ladies in your life have ant free napkins and if ever they do - may the ants go further up THERE than you would have! Bwahahahahaha!!! :)

    Would have been nice to know who you are - cowardly remarks like this