SOM'S Noodle House

Monday, April 30, 2007

Interior of Som's Noodel House

It was cheap alright. That I can proudly say. But the quality of the food? Let's say - for a cheap affordable restaurant - what do you expect? I'm not complaining that I wasn't full - because I was so full - it's just that the dishes that we had sort of had a similar taste.

Spring Rolls - I liked it, I especially liked the sauce! My Panget however is not a fan of Spring Rolls - but I guess he did enjoy them as he also ate most of the pieces.

Spring Rolls

Tom Yum Soup - I was expecting it to be fiery hot! But fortunately - it was just alright, two complaints though - it tasted more sweet than spicy, and the shrimp - well, they were overdone (the skin was kind of hard to pull away from the meat)

Pad Thai - This for me was the worst Pad Thai ever! It looked good but it tasted like ketcup and consisted of only - tofu, noodle, bean sprouts and eggs. That's it - No meats and seafood - nada.

Pad Thai

Red Curry Beef
- I loved the taste of the curry - it was just right, although the server said that red curry was supposed to be the hottest of them all. The beef slices were really small - it was overpowered by the slices of Okra. I guess that was the extender. Did I already mention that I loved the curry sauce?

For these four dishes and a can of Coke Light - our total bill amounted to Php445.00 - not bad right? Yeah, I guess - since the servings were not small - they would probably feed 4 people, we even had to bring home a portion of the dishes.

Verdict? It wasn't as authentic as I hoped it would be. I would probably give the Carinderia Style/Branch a try - just to see which is better.

A funny thing though - when I asked the server if the cook was Thai - he smiled and said that the cook was Pinoy, but the father of the owner is Thai!


SOM'S Noodle House Authentic Thai Cuisine
Nicanor Garcia Street (formerly Reposo)
corner Milagros Street
Makati City


  1. heya,

    where is som's noodle house located?

  2. Hello! Hello! It's located along Nicanor Garcia Street (formerly Reposo) in Makati

  3. updated this post with pictures....the interior looks dingy....but i guess kasi cheap din sya :D

    do ya have multiply? so me can see more food pix...that is...if you host your food pix there :D

  4. hiya Janusngo! I do have a multiply account - I just don't use it as much!

  5. recognized at once the place as the one on reposo

    visited that place once but didn't blog about it

    will go there for a return visit with my fello-chili lover freinds :)

  6. ohhh...if thats the case...ill just stay tuned on yer blog na lang sa blogger :P

    keep up the good reviews~~