People I miss

Saturday, May 12, 2007

To be very honest, I miss a lot of people. Most of them - well, they're those people who become your friends because of certain circumstances, and then out of nowhere - they slowly vanish out of your life. But you're still friends. Do you get what I mean?

Well, let's name this first person that I miss as Bumblebee - Bumblebee is the silent type. Bumblebee is kinda quiet but when given a topic of interest - there's no way of stopping Bumblebee from talking. I like Bumblebee because of the simple fact that this person - is so down to earth and warm. I miss our conversations (especially on TV shows)

The second person that I miss is Ronald. Ronad is quite the opposite of Bumblebee for this person - loves to talk! Just like me! Yey! We both love Tagalog movies. We learned that we shared this same appreciation of the Tagalog genre. Quite weird but true!

There's no way for me to initiate contact with the two - when I do - I will treading in dangerous waters. There's contact yes, but not the same thing that we had before. I super enjoy myself when I'm with these people. I actually have a soft spot for both of them. If I can just lift myself out of certain incriminating circumstances - I will, but right as of the moment - my hands are tied.

I miss you Bumblebee and Ronald! I miss our conversations!


  1. hey sis, dont worry. though far away, or wherever they may be, the Bumblebees and the Ronalds in our lives never stop being our friends forever. :-)

  2. Hello Gita! Onga e... Sigh...

    Jen! I miss you tooooooo!!