Mineral Make-Up

Friday, April 20, 2007

I've read so many good things about Mineral Make-Up and finally, the other day, I decided to give it a try. I got my sample set from Sophie, she mans the sites Mineral Make-Up blog and Beautynomics. She introduced me to Mineral Make-up, but since I still had my loot - I had to wait until they at least become half-used before getting some products!

I got my sample set last Friday, and by just looking at it, I was already intimidaded. What are these mineral make-ups? What's the fuss about it? The looked like ordinary powders, but they were supposed to be better than ordinary make-up. Mineral Make-Up claims to be without harmful chemicals and irritants AND it's supposed to make your skin flawless.

Out of curiousity, I immediately opened the containers and tried them one by one on my hand. And from just sampling them in my fingers here's what I thought about them:

CAROLINE, HYE YEON, ANGEL - I checked their shades one by one, but I later realized that without a brush, they won't blend it well to my skin. You can just imagine the patches I had on my had. (I'm a very curious child you see)

These three items below - impressed me so much!!
SEMI MATTE BEIGE - This was the first one I tampered (what a word!) with, it was love at first try! It's so nice! It's a translucent shade of beige. Love it!
STAR LILY - at first the purple color shocked me. I was wondering why Sophie would give me this shade! But when I tried it on my hand - it came our really nude and pinkish! Nice one Sophie!
RADIANT - I love the shade! It's a perfect highlighter!!

I tried the make-up last Saturday night and the verdict? I was blown over, I was super impressed! The coverage was amazing! With other branded products, I still had to use a cake foundation to cover my red spots and spider veins! But with Mineral Make-Up, all I had to do was sweep the foundation on my face about 3 times. With just a minimal amount of make-up I was able to acheive a flawless finish! It's really amazing. I was shocked and at the same time super glad that I finally tried Mineral Make-Up!

To Shobe Sophie! I love you! I love the sample set! I love Mineral Make-Up!!

You're looking at a convert now...

By the way, if you guys are interested in trying out Mineral Make-Up, click on to Beauty and Minerals so you can purchase yourself a sample set. Enjoy!!


  1. Welcome to the club! Ü

    As far as concealers go, Oceanmist's Saffron Concealer is the best for me.

    Try all the brands and choose what you're most comfortable using. Dami nyan! My personal faves are Oceanmist and Monave. Ü

  2. Hi Sheila! I'm so loving MMU! Pero I have a question - ok lang ba to layer and layer the MMU?

    I was able to try a sample for foundation and my face got itchy.. :( sad.. But I'm still open to try other brands!!

    Where can I get Oceanmist?

  3. What did you try? My face didn't itch with Oceanmist. Ü

    Nikkiz. from GT is selling Oceanmist. Mine naman I got my samples from the Oceanmist site mismo. It's free kasi, you have to pay for shipping lang. Ü

    Let me know how it turns out for you.

    And hope to see you at one of the MMU eb's. Ü

  4. Sorry didn't get to answer your question! haha

    Yes it's ok to layer and layer. It's best to start with minimal amount then build up as you go with layers. It's really true what they say: Less is more.

    In my case, if I need more coverage, like if I'm going to ho lang chia's, I swirl, tap, then spray on Dickinson's Witch Hazel, then buff. Ü Makes the foundation stay. hehe But you need more foundation that way.