It's so damn HOT!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Is it just me or is the weather getting hotter and hotter? Well, you see - I'm not you're average normal person. Why? Well, because I subject myself to a torture chamber 3-4 times a week. Depsite the summer heat - I still attend my Bikram Yoga classes. Am I crazy? Well, you can call it addiction.

Yes, I am definitely addicted to Bikram Yoga. Thank heavens for Tristan for bringing Bikram Yoga to Manila! I've finally found an exercise I appreciate and love. I so love Bikram Yoga that I always tell people about it. To those I've spoken to, well majority has tried it, some of which are already enrolled! Good for you!! :)

But tonight's class - well, it was one of the hottest for me. As teacher Al - is loving every inch of the heat - tortured us all by not opening the door and just slightly opening one window as consolation. I tell you, IT WAS NOT ENOUGH!! My gosh - I couldn't believe that 5 months into my practice I would feel light headed once again!! It was the heat indeed - and the weather outside too! As I was about to leave, dear teacher Al asked me how I found the heat - obviously - I replied that it was too hot, and the fact that he did not open the door did not help at all! He shot back that I was complaining before that it wasn't hot and so he decided to up it a notch by not opening the door! Well, true - somedays it's really not hot - but just this March - the weather has been crazy hot, thus the yoga studio becomes hotter (because of the heaters).

I was told by my Yoga buddies that my face was really really red. They haven't seem me that red before! My, my - it must really mean that... IT'S REALLY HOT IN THERE! Dammit!

But the sweat - I am not complaining of the extra sweat - I love it! I love that fact that after my practice, my clothes are super wet! And when you wring it - for sure it'll drip with sweat! Yuck! hahahahaha..

So, where are you headed for the Holy Week? Me? I'll be in Subic with my Panget, my Panget's family and my Panget's friends. I can't wait for the meal times! (I may have to attend extra yoga classes to burn off what I will be gaining) I wonder, since I will be bringing a whole Hizon's Mocha Birthday cake - till when will it last? Hmm.. I will be updating - I just need to learn where to send pictures and upload them automatically here. Calling Chris of Chris Tech Blog! I need your assistance!!

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  1. hey Didi,

    Well if you can get email working on your cellphone using a free google account then you can send the pictures with a short description in the email to your "flickr email account", go to this link to set it up
    it even has the facility to post it to your Blogger account. That's how im doing it now. Hope you get it working! Goodluck! Just bought a macbook and loading vista on it! so ill be busy this holy week hehe..