a call from P&G

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A few seconds ago, a representative from Proctor and Gamble called me. She was asking if she could pick up the product with the ants tomorrow - she said it will be together with the replacement pack! Isn't that quite weird? I mean, I called them last April 12, 2007 and they're just asking me now? I don't think anyone in his right mind would want to keep the product infested with ants for more than a week! When I asked her again

And secondly - when I spoke to Amor (the customer service representative) last April 12, 2007 - she told me to throw away the product! I'm assuming that was their protocol. I even asked Amor if I needed to keep the product for them to see, she told me otherwise.

Did they just recently find out about the red ants? Weird!


  1. sis, parang P&G is in a damage control mode a. theyre probably worried that you might file a lawsuit or something. you got them scared sis! yey! hehehe... well, what do you plan to do???

  2. Lol... Didz, they actually sent someone over to pick up the evidence! Next thing you know, they'll hack your blog for the pix you posted... naks.. conspiracy theory.

  3. Gita! Plans? Hmm.. I don't think I can file a lawsuit since I threw away the evidence already. My plan was just to inform them and you guys too that these things happen.

    Char!! :) I think there may be too many conspiracy theories surrounding me these past few years! Haha.. It seems like there's a glitch in the Matrix.