Nostalgia Bloggista of the Week

Monday, February 19, 2007

I have always loved old Manila, and so when I came across the blog Nostalgia Manila - I became an instant lurker. The features of this blog - make me smile and reminisce old times. I appreciate old Manila very well, in fact - I love seeing the old buildings and facades in downtown Manila. I also love listening and singing along with OPM songs. I can't emphasize enough that I adore Gary V's songs pre-Born Again era. I used to watch his movies, one that I can't forget is the one where he shares the bida role with Jestoni Alarcon. Yes, I'm a tagalog flick FAN-atic, my friends can attest to that. My favorite season? Christmas - of course? Why? Four words - Metro Manila Film Festival.

Two weeks ago, I got the shock of my life (well, for that week) - because I was sent an email by those behind Nostalgia Manila and they wanted to feature me as their Bloggista of the week! As I read through the questions - man, did I want to answer everything as specific as possible! But if I did - well, the whole page would be mine. And so I had to edit out most of my answers. As for my bloggista photo - that's me and my twin brother. I just adore the shirt he was wearing! According to our mom, he refused to take off the shirt. Hahaha.. Those were the days.. :)

Here's THE LINK to the complete feature.

Thanks Nostalgia Manila!!


  1. hi candishhh, i saw the article in nostalgia manila and i thought your blog addy looked familiar - we're both in jake's blogroll pala hehe! i loved your answers, it brought back the olden, golden years :) although i'm not a big NKOTB fan, dylan mckay fan naman ako :D

    take care! :)

  2. hi mrspartygirl! thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. parang trip down memory lane pala yan :)

    o kaya trip to Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao hehe