It's FRIDAY again!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The weekend is finally here! Not that it was a long wait. Lately, I've been noticing that times flies so fast! It was as if it was just Monday yesterday, and now - it's already Friday!

Since I've become an avid listener to Magic 89.9's Friday Magic Madness - I forgot all about the nice songs the APO Hiking Society have been singing! It makes me smile so wide when I hear old OPM songs - and I don't know why! Why don't they make songs as nice a before?

I've long appreciated New Wave songs - but it was my Panget's era selection that made me hooked on it. His iPod is FULL of 80's songs - I mean FULL of it! So whenever we go out - I am forced to listen to them. Some songs - I've never even heard of before!! Hahahaha.. :)

Happy Weekend everyone!! :)



  1. Didi... isthatyou?
    Got here by way of Nostalgia sabi na nga ba I know that face! Hahahah. See you soon. I kind of miss your mug. hahaha.

    Char from your cousin Jenov's wedding

  2. Hi Char! I miss you too!! :) Hope to bumpo into you soon!! Will link you up! :)