A haircut, a Chai Latte and permed eyelashes..

Monday, February 05, 2007

I had a haircut, had my eyelashes permed, finally ate at a Persian restaurant Arya, and had my cravings for a Chai Latte satisfied.

That's sort of what happened during the weekend. I went for my long overdue haircut with my hairstylist Jing Monis at Propaganda. He's been cutting my hair for the past 8 years. I love him because he's the only one who can handle my hair - or so I think. I've been super loyal to him - I swear, ask my friends. He's the best for me because he makes me look fabulous EVERY single time. To think that when I had short hair, I went to him once a month - now that I have long hair, well - those 12 times a year has been cut to a mere 2 times a year! I love my new hair! It's still long but still - it looks different! Yehaaaaa!! :)

Had dinner at Spring Deer - I swear I love the food there! And for the taste and quality of the dishes, the food it is fairly priced. You'll just have to be in a group to appreciate the dishes as they are made to share.

I have been craving for a Chai Latte since Thursday - and good thing, last Saturday night - my Panget and I, together with Lyn went to have our fix at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Yum! I really can't explain it, but I swear it taste super good! I have been on this obsession with Chai, that I am on the hunt for the ultimate Chai Latte. Starbucks has none, Seattle's Best has one and so does Gloria Jeans - but so far, I've tried Seattle's and CBTL's - CBTL still ranks high for me. The only one that comes closest would be the Caffe'D Vita's instant Enchanted Chai Latte. If you are a fan of Chai - well, this is the best one I've found that tasted exactly the same at CBTL's. Unfortunately, it's only available in the US. I'd love to try Gloria Jean's version soon. I was at S&R Pricesmart at the Fort and I saw this big can of Enchanted Chai Latte by Sam's Club, I was kind of hesitant because it was a hefty Php500.00+ for a medium can plus - I didn't know if it's any good.

Yesterday, was 'pabeauty' day for me and my friend Lyn. We had our eyelasshes permed. Yes, you read it right - we had it permed. It will be curled for a month or two - well, that was what we were told. The procedure was bout an hour to an hour and a half. I once tried this while I was still in High School - my aunt was the one who went with me and convinced me to get one. And when I did - I never had to use an eyelash curler for about 3 months!! We got our eyelashes permed at Let's Face It in Greenhills - had to wait around for more than an hour. Our supposed rest was disturbed by a heavily snoring man! My gosh - he was snoring like crazy! The attendants we are laughing so hard, but he seems to be in too deep in his slumber. Good for him, bad for all of us who had to endure it. Damn.

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