Burgoo: Sodexho, HSBC and etc.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Last Friday, my Panget and I couldn't figure out where to have dinner. Since my Panget had a Php500.00 worth of Sodexho gift certificate, we decided to just use it.

We went to Burgoo at Tomas Morato since we saw their logo on the Sodexho brochure. When we were seated, we first asked if we could avail of the Sodexho GC - the manager said yes - it was as good as cash. But we weren't satisfied with just using the GC, we then asked if there were other offers or promos by certain credit cards. The server and manager told us that they had the following promos from the following credit cards:

a) American Express Peso Platinum - 15% off the total food bill
b) HSBC - Purchase any dish with the same worth of certain appetizers and get the appetizer for free!
c) Banco de Oro - free dessert of some sort

We asked the manager again if we could possibly use the Sodexco GC and avail of any of the credit card offers. The manager said yes, so we thought to ourselves - good deal right? Indeed it was. We ordered for a sampler Supreme Sampler, Fish and Chips (so we can avail the sampler for free via HSBC), New Awlin's Classic Platter for my Panget, and a lemonade for him as well. When the food arrived - we were in shock - we didn't think that the food would be that many!

I took pictures of the before and after. You be the judge! We had such a good deal, a great deal actually - and so we'll be back soon. Hehehe.. :)

The before and after pictures..

So we just had to pay.. how much for our bill?
Cool huh?!

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