Hoping for the best..

Monday, February 26, 2007

I was really excited to post my RAVE on the restaurant Al Dente. I even took pictures, even if they were amateur - I was proudly going to post them here. Unfortunately, I had some bad news given to me late yesterday afternoon. And so I have to postpone that post.

My good friend Cubie - who's based in Hong Kong - has stage 4 cancer. I was and still am in shock. When my brother called to give me the news - I was in shock. As soon as I put down on the phone - I cried so hard and immediately called Cubie. And within a few seconds - she indeed confirmed that she was diagnosed with Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis - and it was already in Stage 4 and that it has spread to her chest, her lungs especially. The news broke my heart in so many pieces. I couldn't stop crying - I was inconsolable. I couldn't believe that she has cancer - she just celebrated her 27th birthday last February 21, 2007. She's so young!!

What happened? With the few minutes we spent on the mobile - she was so calm in telling me what happend. We have been email-ing one another and she's been telling me that she has been feeling tired lately - we thought that it might be because of her being overworked. Then lately her face and neck were swollen - she went to 4 doctors and they just dismissed it as allergies. Then one morning - she couldn't open her eyes and she felt a lump in her neck - she was then admitted to the hospital. They did tests on her, she had an MRI, a CT Scan and a biospy - it was then confirmed that she has cancer. The cancer has spread to her lungs. She will undergo a full body scan today - to check where the cancer has spread. We're all praying and hoping for the best for her.

I cried when I called my mom to tell her the news - I was crying so hard, I can't believe this was happening - I was in denial - I am still in shock. My Panget was also in shock. Cubie's such a good friend of mine - we've been friends since Kindergarten - and it's so nice that through the years - we're still close. She moved to Hong Kong last 1999 - and when she moved there - we became more close. I would ALWAYS visit her when I was in Hong KOng, we'd always meet up tp shop or eat out - we spent time together. We kept in touch via email and chat. And whenever she comes to Manila - we'd always go out to dinner and go shopping - it's a must that we see one another. My mom would even cook dinner for her and we always had her favorite Mango Cream Pie from Red Ribbon. I would send her packages like her favorite Combos and other items when I have friends or aunts who go to HK. There was even a time she stayed at my house for a couple of days during her stays. What I will NEVER EVER FORGET is that - she won a trip for me to Hong KOng via Cathay PAcific. Yes, she did - she won me a ticket last 2002. Who would have thought she'd win that ticket? The odds were enourmous! Imagine - the whole of Hong Kong - and she won me one! Sweet huh?! Yes, of course! I stayed with her in her family's pad in Sha Tin for a week. We were so relaxed! We stayed up late just exchanging stories. We had so much fun! Although we had moments of silence - we enjoyed each others company. When we felt tired from walking - we'd go into a Pizza Hut and order soup. I think we did that more than 5 times!

I really can't believe this is happening. I am still in disbelief.

Please pray for her. It will surely help.

It's FRIDAY again!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The weekend is finally here! Not that it was a long wait. Lately, I've been noticing that times flies so fast! It was as if it was just Monday yesterday, and now - it's already Friday!

Since I've become an avid listener to Magic 89.9's Friday Magic Madness - I forgot all about the nice songs the APO Hiking Society have been singing! It makes me smile so wide when I hear old OPM songs - and I don't know why! Why don't they make songs as nice a before?

I've long appreciated New Wave songs - but it was my Panget's era selection that made me hooked on it. His iPod is FULL of 80's songs - I mean FULL of it! So whenever we go out - I am forced to listen to them. Some songs - I've never even heard of before!! Hahahaha.. :)

Happy Weekend everyone!! :)



Our childhood friend just passed the Medical Board Exams!!


American Idol: Top 12 Guys..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I have been a fan of American Idol since Season 4. I was blown away when I heard Carrie Underwood audition, I predicted that she'd win and she did!! I fell in love with Constantine Maroulis' stare and performan c. I think that was the season where the upped the age qualification of the contestants. This was also the first time (for me) to see rockers entering the competition.

Last year, I was with Team Daughtry - and I was really disappointed when he was booted out. I'm so happy that he has an album out, and his song is great! Everytime I hear it, I can imagine him singing it! Yeah!!

This year - the 12 hopeful guys - well, some of them were okay while some were great. There's always room for improvement - and as the show progresses they will indeed become better singers and performers as well.

I was so excited to watch the 12 guys perform tonight, it should have been a perfect early evening for me - but then there was a glitch on the satalilte feed of Star World - and so some portions were distorted. Argh!!

1. Rudy Cardenas - Of course since he was the first one to perform, he was a little nervous. He didn't start as strongly as he should have. I didn't like his performance it lacked energy and emotion.

2. Brandon Rogers - I honestly expected him to be great, but instead he was just alright. Nothing out of the ordinary - but indeed he has a good voice. He's been sanay with being a back-up singer and being the lead - is very different. I expect this guy to go far in AI - he's really got talent!!

3. Sundance Head - I was not impressed with his audition - it was okay, nothing really spectacular. But his performance tonight - well, honestly - I was not familiar with the song - and so I thought he sang it too bland, too safe, too predictable.

4. Paul Kim - I love him, simply because he's ASIAN!! Yeah!! His audition was not that mind blowing, it was good - but I was quite shocked he sang what he sang during the audition, I thought parang hindi bagay - but then bagay pala after all! This was the first time I saw an Asian dud He sang the Wham! song and I thought it was okay - just plain okay. It didn't highlight his singing voice. I hope he gets the vote because I LIKE HIM! Barefeet and all!! :) He's Korean but he's got soul!

5. Chris Richardson - He indeed sounds like Justin Timberlake. I didn't expect much from him - I thought that he might choke - but he didn't! He brings a different vibe, makes me think kinda Churchy kind of kid. The song he picked - well, I'm so biased - I will never like this song sung by anyone except if it's sung by Bo Bice. To me it sounded too pop. The emotion was not that solid, instead it turned out like he was just happy singing the song - there was no real grip on the message of the song. But that's just me.

6. Nick Pedro - First of all, I thought he picked the wrong song. His perfomance was really boring. It sounded kind of monotonous to me.

7. Blake Lewis - this Mr. Beatbox, I LOVE HIM!! I loved his group's performance during the Hollywood week!! They were AMAZING - they brought the house down. Can you believe I just said that? I loved his performance. It was modern - a song I am familiar with. And I thought he sang it very well. I may be biased but he's a good performer because he knows how to look at the camera. He has a presence, a good presence. Him being mulit-talented makes me an
instant fan. I loved his take on the song. I just loved it! He's kinda cute too!! hahaha..

8. Sanjaya Malakar - this kid is amazing. Despite his being Indian - I think he has a lot of potential. I hope he gets far in this competition - because he really does have talent. It's just gonna be hard for Americans to vote for him. Let's admit it, in America - kinda discriminate. He has a good voice and I thought his song choice was not so bad. It was really a safe pick - but I loved his voice when he sang it although I thought his performace lacked power, it was too kid
-dy, and since he's just 17 - the emotions he delivered were quite different from the song. He looks more comfortable on stage now compared to his audition and Hollywood week.

At this point - I was quite bored to be honest.... I felt like I was let down.. :(

9. Chris Sligh - this guy I absolutely adore! He has such a great personality, and his humor - I like!! Simon was correct when he said that he does not have the best voice, but he can perform. His voice I think can still be improved throughout the competition. His song pick was great - I loved the way he sang it. There was intensity and power! He captivated me instantly. His being chubby is absolutely adorable! He's like a singing Hurley! Yey for him!! Wuhooooooo!

10. Jared Cotter - my my, his version of the Brian McKnight song was so good. He was able to bring the emotion out and his voice was perfect for the song. He's kinda cute too!! I liked his performance, but I did not love it.

11. AJ Tabaldo - first off, I knew he had some Filipino blood in him. Since it was his 5th time trying out - I think he's already gained experienced and I would like to think that he's improved vocally too. His song choice was just right - it was upbeat, and he sand it perfectly for me - his perfomance on stage made me realize that the 5 years he waited was all worth it. He's now ready for for American Idol.

12. Phil Stacey - he ended the show with a little power. I say thing because he did not start very well, it was kind of a werid start, but he pulled it off. One of the better performances tonight. Simon was right, if it was Chris Daughtry - he would have nailed the song. I guess everyone was nervous. I just hope next week - everyone will up their game.

The guys kinda let me down - I was really disappointed with most of their performances but those that I liked were:
- Blake Lewis'
- Chris Sligh's
- AJ Tabaldo's
- Phil Stacey's

I hope the girls tomorrow do better! I can't wait to hear Lakisha!! :) She's so gooooooood!! :)

Nostalgia Bloggista of the Week

Monday, February 19, 2007

I have always loved old Manila, and so when I came across the blog Nostalgia Manila - I became an instant lurker. The features of this blog - make me smile and reminisce old times. I appreciate old Manila very well, in fact - I love seeing the old buildings and facades in downtown Manila. I also love listening and singing along with OPM songs. I can't emphasize enough that I adore Gary V's songs pre-Born Again era. I used to watch his movies, one that I can't forget is the one where he shares the bida role with Jestoni Alarcon. Yes, I'm a tagalog flick FAN-atic, my friends can attest to that. My favorite season? Christmas - of course? Why? Four words - Metro Manila Film Festival.

Two weeks ago, I got the shock of my life (well, for that week) - because I was sent an email by those behind Nostalgia Manila and they wanted to feature me as their Bloggista of the week! As I read through the questions - man, did I want to answer everything as specific as possible! But if I did - well, the whole page would be mine. And so I had to edit out most of my answers. As for my bloggista photo - that's me and my twin brother. I just adore the shirt he was wearing! According to our mom, he refused to take off the shirt. Hahaha.. Those were the days.. :)

Here's THE LINK to the complete feature.

Thanks Nostalgia Manila!!

Burgoo: Sodexho, HSBC and etc.

Last Friday, my Panget and I couldn't figure out where to have dinner. Since my Panget had a Php500.00 worth of Sodexho gift certificate, we decided to just use it.

We went to Burgoo at Tomas Morato since we saw their logo on the Sodexho brochure. When we were seated, we first asked if we could avail of the Sodexho GC - the manager said yes - it was as good as cash. But we weren't satisfied with just using the GC, we then asked if there were other offers or promos by certain credit cards. The server and manager told us that they had the following promos from the following credit cards:

a) American Express Peso Platinum - 15% off the total food bill
b) HSBC - Purchase any dish with the same worth of certain appetizers and get the appetizer for free!
c) Banco de Oro - free dessert of some sort

We asked the manager again if we could possibly use the Sodexco GC and avail of any of the credit card offers. The manager said yes, so we thought to ourselves - good deal right? Indeed it was. We ordered for a sampler Supreme Sampler, Fish and Chips (so we can avail the sampler for free via HSBC), New Awlin's Classic Platter for my Panget, and a lemonade for him as well. When the food arrived - we were in shock - we didn't think that the food would be that many!

I took pictures of the before and after. You be the judge! We had such a good deal, a great deal actually - and so we'll be back soon. Hehehe.. :)

The before and after pictures..

So we just had to pay.. how much for our bill?
Cool huh?!

Happy Valentines!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Hearts Day!!

Bye Wytee!

Last night, we gave Wytee away. The reason being, we had too many dogs here in the house.

So, to Wytee's new parents - Erwin and Nono:

Enjoy and love Wytee!

Sigh.. I'll definitely miss him..

Spread the love Wytee!! :)


Monday, February 12, 2007

I am currently loving this song by Incubus.


We all have a weakness
But some of ours are easier to identify.
Look me in the eye
And ask for forgiveness;
We'll make a pact to never speak that word again
Yes you are my friend.
We all have something that digs at us,
At least we dig each other
So when weakness turns my ego up
I know you'll count on the me from yesterday
If I turn into another
Dig me up from under what is covering
The better part of me
Sing this song
Remind me that we'll always have each other
When everything else is gone.
We all have a sickness
That cleverly attaches and multiplies
No matter how hard we try.
We all have someone that digs at us,
At least we dig each other
So when sickness turns my ego up
I know you'll act as a clever medicine.
If I turn into another
Dig me up from under what is covering
The better part of me.
Sing this song!
Remind me that we'll always have each other
When everything else is gone.
Oh each other....
When everything
Else is gone.

a BIG Delsey SALE!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I am selling ORIGINAL Delsey Helium Lite Collection Luggages.
This is what they look like:

Available sizes:
29" - Large
26" - Medium
21" - Small
Duffel Bag with trolley
Overnight/Personal Bag

For those interested, please email me
I will send you more pictures and the pricelist.

A haircut, a Chai Latte and permed eyelashes..

Monday, February 05, 2007

I had a haircut, had my eyelashes permed, finally ate at a Persian restaurant Arya, and had my cravings for a Chai Latte satisfied.

That's sort of what happened during the weekend. I went for my long overdue haircut with my hairstylist Jing Monis at Propaganda. He's been cutting my hair for the past 8 years. I love him because he's the only one who can handle my hair - or so I think. I've been super loyal to him - I swear, ask my friends. He's the best for me because he makes me look fabulous EVERY single time. To think that when I had short hair, I went to him once a month - now that I have long hair, well - those 12 times a year has been cut to a mere 2 times a year! I love my new hair! It's still long but still - it looks different! Yehaaaaa!! :)

Had dinner at Spring Deer - I swear I love the food there! And for the taste and quality of the dishes, the food it is fairly priced. You'll just have to be in a group to appreciate the dishes as they are made to share.

I have been craving for a Chai Latte since Thursday - and good thing, last Saturday night - my Panget and I, together with Lyn went to have our fix at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Yum! I really can't explain it, but I swear it taste super good! I have been on this obsession with Chai, that I am on the hunt for the ultimate Chai Latte. Starbucks has none, Seattle's Best has one and so does Gloria Jeans - but so far, I've tried Seattle's and CBTL's - CBTL still ranks high for me. The only one that comes closest would be the Caffe'D Vita's instant Enchanted Chai Latte. If you are a fan of Chai - well, this is the best one I've found that tasted exactly the same at CBTL's. Unfortunately, it's only available in the US. I'd love to try Gloria Jean's version soon. I was at S&R Pricesmart at the Fort and I saw this big can of Enchanted Chai Latte by Sam's Club, I was kind of hesitant because it was a hefty Php500.00+ for a medium can plus - I didn't know if it's any good.

Yesterday, was 'pabeauty' day for me and my friend Lyn. We had our eyelasshes permed. Yes, you read it right - we had it permed. It will be curled for a month or two - well, that was what we were told. The procedure was bout an hour to an hour and a half. I once tried this while I was still in High School - my aunt was the one who went with me and convinced me to get one. And when I did - I never had to use an eyelash curler for about 3 months!! We got our eyelashes permed at Let's Face It in Greenhills - had to wait around for more than an hour. Our supposed rest was disturbed by a heavily snoring man! My gosh - he was snoring like crazy! The attendants we are laughing so hard, but he seems to be in too deep in his slumber. Good for him, bad for all of us who had to endure it. Damn.

It's Friday again!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

I heart Fridays! I always look forward to Fridays! For some strange reason - one them is because of 89.8's Friday Magic Madness (thanks to my Panget's 'era'). I love listening to OPMs especially those sung by Gary Valenciano - pre Born Again era, I think I've written about this a few posts ago. I can't help but smile and be giddy when I hear his songs over the radio. Like what my friend Jen said 'Panalo siguro, if we watched a Gary V. Concert' - Yes, I think panalong- panalo nga.

The title of the song I was listening to was 'Wag mo na sanag Isipin' and here's the lyrics. It's so funny!! and True!! hahaha..

Wag Mo Na Sanang Isipin
Gary Valenciano

Wag mo na sanang…

Ano pa kaya ang dapat gawin ng isang katulad ko
Upang paniwalaan at intindihin mo
Ang mga nais sabihin ng puso ko
Bigyan mo ako ng pagkakataon
Paliwanagan ang iyong isip

Kahit sandali lang, patutunayan ko lang
Na mahal kita hanggang ngayon

Oh, ang babae, nakakatuwa
Maliit na bagay lamang pinalalaki pa
Ba’t ayaw mong limutin ang nakaraan
‘Di mo na ako pinapansin, ‘di na rin minamasdan

Wag mo na sanang isipin ang mga nangyari sa atin noon
Kahit ano pang sabihin mo maibabalik pa natin ang kahapon

Sana naman hanggang dito na lang
Ang paghihirap kong ito
Dapat pa bang daanin, sa galit o tampuhan
Dadami pang problemang ‘di kailangan
Kailan pa ba o ‘di na ba
Tayo magkakasunduan

Kahit sandali lang patutunayan ko lang
Na minamahal mo pa ako

Oh, ang babae, nakakaaliw
Kahit sobra siyang pakipot, siya’y nakakabaliw
Ba’t ayaw mong limutin ang nakaraan
‘Di mo na ako pinapansin, ‘di na rin minamasdan

Wag mo na sanang isipin ang mga nangyari sa atin noon
Kahit ano pang sabihin mo maibabalik pa natin ang kahapon

Wag mo na sanang (wag mo na sanang),
Wag mo na sanang isipin (wag mo na sanang isipin)

‘Di mo na ako pinapansin, ‘di narin minamasdan

Wag mo na sanang (wag mo na sanang),
Wag mo na sanang isipin (wag mo na sanang isipin)

Kahit ano pang sabihin mo maibabalik pa natin ang kahapon

Wag mo na sanang (wag mo na sanang),
Wag mo na sanang isipin (wag mo na sanang isipin)
Wag mo na sanang isipin…

OT - If you want to reminisce on the not so Old Manila and check out this blog Nostalgia Manila - you'll see the TV shows you used to enjoy, toys you used to gaga over and old images of places you used to go to pre-Makati High Rise!! If you have time - check it out, I swear it's nakakatuwa and addicting!! :) Galing!