Thursday, January 25, 2007

Everytime I think of PLDT - I get worked up, why? Well, because they're so INEFFICIENT! I'm one person who loves to complain on bad customer service. And PLDT has one of the worst!! See? Just writing about it gets me all worked up!

This started last December 2006, it was when we wanted to apply for another line in our factory. It was just that we discovered - that our disconnected lines, those we cut last 1998 - were still unadjusted, thus we couldn't apply for a new line. Imagine, the lines were disconnected 1998 - and until now THEY'RE STILL UNADJUSTED! The PLDT customer service representative insisted that certain amounts have not yet been paid. Since my mom is anal with keep and packing receipts, we scoured our bodega to look for the necessary statements and receipts. Good thing - the statements have not yet been burned! (We actually thought of burning them, thank God we didn't!) My mom has a remarkable memory - she remembers things clearly even names of those she spoke to and met up with at PLDT - and that was almost 9 years ago! Before looking through the receipts and statements, she was throwing me names and asking if I remember any of them. Unfortunately, I didn't well, because I was still in school then. Anyhoo, as we found the statements we needed, we gave the PLDT hotline a call - and informed them of such - good thing the person we spoke to was very helpful! She was able to email and send notice to the necessary departments of the situation - but then, my mom had to still go to the business office to show her proof! What hassle right? Well, my mom had to go - to be able to apply for a new line! The payments and proper adjustments were FINALLY posted just this month.

I wrote an email and sent it to and to Mr. MVP himself, I was able to find his email address online so I sent it to
email him for your PLDT complaints!

Well, unfortunately I didn't get any reply from him but the email never bounced back - so it just means - he got it.


  1. He keeps another private address. Though believe me, he knows about all the complains from the consumers. The thing is, oh well you know.

    When around the circle, things such as this are brought up...then only to be set aside.

  2. Hello Anonymous! I agree with you, complaints tend to die down after a while - and they just come up again, when someone brings it out. I'm so frustrated with them!! Grr... Thanks for dropping by!!

  3. he's not checking his emails but his secretary and probably screens out complaints

    you can write all you want but that's just the way it is. There's still no serious competitor to them when it comes to phones and other stuff.

    there's also no anti-trust law here not like in first world countries

  4. Hello Paetechie! I just cc the emails to that address. Even if he does not answer them - those who I send it to primarily responds faster. At least somehow - something happens.