Cupcake attempt #2

Monday, January 08, 2007

Last Saturday afternoon, I decided to make cupcakes again, and this time I did not forget to cool the cupcakes before frosting them! Yey! I used Cake Flour instead of the self-made Self-Rising Flour and ol'reliable All-Purpose Flour. The cupcakes came out softer and yummier! Double Yey!

The only disappointing thing was the color of the frosting. I carefully added a few drops of the McCormick Blue food color to my buttercream mixture (for fear that it'll turn out darker than usual but it came out Light Green! I added a few more and still it was green! I thought if I added more, it won't become blue - but it became Blue Green. Damn that food color!

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the outcome of the cupcakes. I love them!!

Yey for me!!

Here's to my cupcake obsession!!

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