Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well, since last week - we here in the house have been suffering from sudden 'gulat' attacks. This is because the squatters outside our home freely and enjoyingly play with firecrackers! They use the age-old reliable 'kwitis' the new and very much in demand 'boga' and whatever they can get their hands to.

Our gate is considered our fortress - but last Saturday, one of those playing with firecrackers came up with a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. Apparently, they have a lot of free time - thus, they lighted up a kwitis or two and then proceeded to drop them in our mailbox! Poor mailbox - poor poor mailbox! What was worse was that - our electric and water bills - got burned! Damn those kids! When we learned of this - well, we put water in the mailbox, hoping to extingiush any lighted firefracker that will be dropped inside the mailbox. So far, so good. Good thing there was no mail dropped at the mailbox during the time it was filled it water.

It's really irritating - but what can we do right? Even if we tell them it's wrong (what they did) they wouldn't understand. They'll listen to you but then just keep doing what they did! It's like what you're telling them is not absorbing. Pasok sa kabila, labas sa kabila..

There was an incident where our helper was closing the gate, he was motioning for the kids to move so that they won't get hit or hurt, but these kids insist that they won't get hurt and hold on to the gate and swing with it while it closes. Then out of the blue, one of the kids got hurt, his elder brother was shouting at the top of his lungs 'Put@#)*# niyo! Lumabas kayo jan, harapin niyo ako!' My brother who just happened to be near the gate heard the shouting, he then went out to confront whoever that was. He was really shocked to see that it was also a kid! When the kid saw my brother, he was angry because his younger brother was hurt when the gate was being closed. Our helper explained that he was telling that particular kid to move, but the kid would not budge - so the helper just proceeded to close the gate. My brother - who was very calm and objective told he kids out playing that they shouldn't be playing outside the gate, that it was dangerous and that they might get hurt. The kids one by one went away, but after a few minutes - came back and played, as if nothing happened.

What shocked me the most was how foul their language were! I couldn't believe that those were coming out of his mouth! Imagine a kid who was about 7 years old was already saying cuss words! Does he know what he's saying? Well, I highly doubt it.


  1. That's too bad :( Here's wishing you a happy new year anyway! All the best for 2007

  2. Hello Joey!!

    Happy New Year to you and C!! :)