Happy Birthday!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Last year, I was depreived of a birthday cake. Apparently, my Panget - forgot all about it. And so this year, I had to remind him to give me one. Two years ago, my Panget surprised me with a 'Didi' cake - I still keep the picture of it - because it was so cute, and because my Panget's sister-in-law told me how my Panget called her every single night to make kulit not to forget to make the cake, she said my Panget gave her explicit instructions on how the cake should turn out he was so hands on with the cake! It was a super cute cake! I love that cake to bits! Here's what it looked like:

Chef Sasa
Tel. 633.0949 / 0917.5339275

Yesterday, I was expecting a simple cake - I told my Panget that Sugar House's Honey Cake or the good ol'reliable Hizon's Mocha Cake will do. I was expecting any of the two - but when he got to my house - he was holding a box - I'm assuming it's a cake. He told me that the cake is special. Hmm.. why was it special? Well, because in it was 2 flavors of cake! What's the rationale behind the 2 flavors? Well, since I have a twin brother - my Panget thought it would be nice if there were 2 different flavors of cake in the cake! His sister-in-law obliged of course, and what came out was a really nice combination. Since we were eating at Spiral at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, I had put it in the ref first then sample it when I get back. But I couldn't help taking a quick look. My Panget insisted that I take a picture of the cake first - and I did. This is what it looks like:

When we got home after the delicious dinner at Spiral - I swear it has the best selection for a buffet! Too bad there were no more of the Vanilla Creme Brulee - apparently, they did not foresee that this dessert will be a favorite! As I sliced myself and my Panget a piece of the birthday cake he brought - I couldn't help but be amazed at it and try to figure out how she made such a cake! Brilliant!!

All cakes were made by Chef Sasa, you can reach her at 633.0949 or 0917.5339275
She makes birthday cakes, wedding cakes, specialty cakes, character cakes, specialty desserts and much more!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Everytime I think of PLDT - I get worked up, why? Well, because they're so INEFFICIENT! I'm one person who loves to complain on bad customer service. And PLDT has one of the worst!! See? Just writing about it gets me all worked up!

This started last December 2006, it was when we wanted to apply for another line in our factory. It was just that we discovered - that our disconnected lines, those we cut last 1998 - were still unadjusted, thus we couldn't apply for a new line. Imagine, the lines were disconnected 1998 - and until now THEY'RE STILL UNADJUSTED! The PLDT customer service representative insisted that certain amounts have not yet been paid. Since my mom is anal with keep and packing receipts, we scoured our bodega to look for the necessary statements and receipts. Good thing - the statements have not yet been burned! (We actually thought of burning them, thank God we didn't!) My mom has a remarkable memory - she remembers things clearly even names of those she spoke to and met up with at PLDT - and that was almost 9 years ago! Before looking through the receipts and statements, she was throwing me names and asking if I remember any of them. Unfortunately, I didn't well, because I was still in school then. Anyhoo, as we found the statements we needed, we gave the PLDT hotline a call - and informed them of such - good thing the person we spoke to was very helpful! She was able to email and send notice to the necessary departments of the situation - but then, my mom had to still go to the business office to show her proof! What hassle right? Well, my mom had to go - to be able to apply for a new line! The payments and proper adjustments were FINALLY posted just this month.

I wrote an email and sent it to Customers@pldt.com.ph and to Mr. MVP himself, I was able to find his email address online so I sent it to mvpangilinan@pldt.com.ph

email him for your PLDT complaints!

Well, unfortunately I didn't get any reply from him but the email never bounced back - so it just means - he got it.

Thank you Karla139 and YouTube!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I have always been a fan of the local showbizness. I love watching Tagalog movies and telenovelas. Thank god for YouTube and for Karla139!!

Thank you so very much for patiently uploading the episodes!

You don't know how much that simple gesture means to us!

Thank you Karla139! Thank you YouTube!!

Giving up RICE

Monday, January 22, 2007

There are some people who gave up eating meat because they're Vegans, while some because of religion, and others - well, because they made a sacrifice. I on the otherhand, am giving up eating RICE. Now, why rice? Well, mainly because I love eating rice - I am a rice kind of gal. I was contemplating on what to sacrifice actually, and when I thought of meats - well, I'm not that fond of meats - beef or pork, Chicken is too small of a thing to be sacrificed - it will look like I am on a diet. As for the meats, well - since I don't look for them often, I don't think it will be a big sacrifice. Thus I decided to give up eating rice.

I've been successful so far, well actually I'm on my 6th day today (and counting!). So far so good, but yesterday morning and yesterday's lunch time were the worst. My mom you see is a very good cook. She just made Kiam Peng (salty rice as it is literally translated in enlgish) - it's the a rice dish with pork, hebi (small shrimps), mushrooms, veggies, and zticky (malagkit) rice. I think its best known as Glutinous Rice in english - although I think our suman is also called glutinous rice. And I couldn't eat it! I was being chided to just sample a spoonful, but I had to be in control - I had to decline. Even if the smell was killing me (literally) I had to think of the reason why I sacrificed in the first place - and that was enough. Of course, there was the temptation - the voice in my head whispering and telling me to grab even just a spoonfull.

At first I was thought that it would be easy - simple, well - I thought wrong! I won't be able to eat suman, ma-chang, kaim peng, rissotto, paella, congee, and I think the list will go on and on. Damn, why didn't I think it through?! It was as if everything I wanted to eat I couldn't! Like for example last night. I was with my Panget at UCC Greenhills - it was my first time there for a decent meal, I mostly go there for dessert or for coffee. But last night, since there were available parking slots - my Panget decided that UCC was the place to have dinner. As I looked through the menu - my gosh - the entrees were all with rice! There were numerous rice toppings, even those dishes with rice on the side. I was really tempted to get the Rissotto, my head was already making up excuses for me to order it! Like it's not really rice, it's considered as pasta and so on. But again, my determination prevailed. I ordered the Eel & Mushroom spaghetti instead. I was satisfied with the pasta, it wasn't the best dish but it was okay.

The place was really under staffed, it was quite obvious because we had to wait for our meals and requests for water a little longer than usual. And since I accidentally put more pepper than I ought to, to my dish - it was a bit too spicy for me. I appreciate spice, but only on occassion. I asked the lady manager for some water but she was kind of busy attending other store matters. So I got up and went to the bar to fetch some badly needed water, and upon pouring my water - I heard her running towards me and she instantly helped me. She apologized and I replied that it was okay - I understood her situation and it was just water! As my Panget and I finished our meals - she approached us and asked us if we wanted anything for dessert, we declined because we were already full. She smiled at us and told us not to worry, because she will be giving us a complimentary dessert. 'Nahiya naman ako sa inyo Ma'am' was what she said. Nice diba? Well, it was just perfect way to end our meal. After serving us with 2 hefty scoops of Caramel Ice Cream, she was telling us that they have been understaffed lately because the management has been giving way to the newly opened stores around the Metro. She was also telling us how she had to juggle being the cashier,waitress, receptionist one morning! At least she was nice enough to give us ice cream right? It was the perfect reward for me - for my not eating rice. hehehe..

Unfortunately, I again forgot to take images of our food!! I promise, on my next food entry, I will have pictures to show!!

Balducci at Serendra

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Last night, I was really excited to go to Serendra, it was the birthday of my Panget's dad, thus - we were celebrating it. I was told last week, that we will be eating at Silk - the Thai restaurant. I was looking forward to eating there, but on the last minute my Panget's dad was craving for meat and chose to eat at Balducci instead.

I was quite impressed with Serendra - although the place still has unopened establishments, swarms of people were there. Parking was a headache - I didn't realize that their basement parking was quite small, and the guards kept on allowing cars to go down, but we were lucky enough to spot a space. Great right? Well, as we walked up the stairs going to Serendra strip, I couldn't help but notice that there were people everywhere. It's not like they're just there for the fun of it. People were dressed to kill! It was as if there was a big event or something.

We headed to Balducci right away, we were looking for our table and were dumbfounded when we saw that our table was outside and at rightmost corner of the establishment! I thought to myself, my Panget's dad must be really hungry to agree to sit at that table. Upon sitting, I was looking through their menu - and guess who I saw!? Anton of Our Awesome Planet! He was with his lovely wife and they too were planning to sample Balducci's menu. Unfortunately, the restaurant was already full and so they opted to try another resto instead.

Osso Bucco ala Milanese

I couldn't figure out what to get. Well, this has been a recurring problem lately - I have a hard me deciding on what to eat, it takes me about 10-15 minutes looking through the menu before I decide anything. But in the end, I decided to let the meat eater in me take charge, and so I ordered the Pan-Fried Calf-Loin, the server told me that it was good. My Panget ordered the onion soup and for the main course got the Osso Bucco ala Milanese, my Panget's brother and sis-in-law ordered the rib-eye good for 2, while my Panget's dad ordered the lamb chops, my Panget's sister ordered the boneless spring chicken, and my Panget's mom? Well, she ordered salad. Don't ask me why (there's a reason behind this)

When the soup arrived, we were all impressed. It was a different kind of Onion Soup, it was a bit on the light and creamy side, actually it was light yellow. The Onion soup we were familiar with was the darker caramelized ones. And so when we all tried it - we loved it. I got more excited for the main course! When our food arrived, well - we were all eager to try it. The Osso Bucco - was well, I think the presentation was kind of minadali. The Spring Chicken looked ok, the Lamb Chops - well, the looked a tad small (compared to the others I've seen), the Grilled Rib-Eye looked amazing and appetizing. And mine? How did mine look? Again, I forgot to take a picture of my food before I ate it. It looked really big - I immediately assumed that I wasn't going to finish it all, but when I looked closely - damn, I was short changed. The steak was really thin, actually super duper thin - it seemed like the chef hammered and hammered on the steak to make it look big when actually it wasn't. As to the taste? Well, I could have been better. Since there was not much meat to bite into - all I could taste was the breading. My Panget's family observed the same thing with my order. You can actually compare it with the Breaded Pork Chop from Tasty Dumplings! I'm sorry, but I swear! My Panget's sister said the exact same thing!

Pan-fried Calf Loin

Look at how thin the loin is..
beside the bone from Lamb and a slice of carrot..

The Osso Bucco as my Panget says 'grows on you', while the spring chicken was very dry, the lamb chops were so-so, the rib-eye steak I think was the only great thing that was ordered. Aside from the Ossi Bucco. I always say, you'll never go wrong with Osso Bucco. I should have just ordered that.

One thing though - the service even if it was impeccable, could not save the restaurant in my book. The price for my order was a whopping Php950.00 and all I got was an amazingly thing slice of meat! Tsk... Tsk... Maybe I should have ordered something else, damn. Come to think of it, I should have! Since it is an Italian restaurant, Pizza and Pasta should be my choices.

This made me wish we ate at Silk instead. Well, maybe next time.

next stop: Cupcakes by Sonja

My Panget's sister has been really curious of this store and she's been craving (since we arrived at Serendra) for the Flourless Choco Cup Cake. I told her I'd buy her one, on one condition - that she doesn't share it with my Panget. She can share it with any family member except for my Panget. Hehe.. She obliged, and so we went to the brightly lit, people overflowing store. The first thing that irked me upon entering was the number of people inside the store. You see, the store is not so big, but there were so many people inside, most of which were falling in line to sample a few pieces, while the others were just there crowding near the door!! The next thing was that the selection (again!) was not that great! There were only 5 selections out of the possible 12-15 flavors! The cashier was very very slow in taking orders, the customers (some of them) took their little time in picking which cupcakes to purchase!! My gosh!! Give way to others who have already made up their minds!! Then when this uber slow customer was about to pay, her foreigner boyfriend was nuzzling her neck, making her unable to reach for her wallet!! Argh... Slowlness, I'm really irritated by this!! When it was about our turn, the lady in front of us was well, she gave a big bill to the cashier, and the cashier - well, somehow, she didn't have enough change. Goodness!! For a store that sells a lot, I think it should only be common knowledge to keep a LOT of loose change! You wouldn't want your clients to be hassled right? Perhaps I was wrong, because the cashier filtered through their TIP BOX to look for change!! My my.. Good thing when it was our turn, the cashier hastily got the cupcake and handed it to us immediately!! The verdict? Well, she loved it, she said that the size was just right, if it were any bigger - then it would be nakakasawa already.

KIEHL'S for my Feet!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

My heels are suffering dryness and cracks. I've tried putting Petroleum Jelly on them and wearing socks when I sleep. But I remove them because in the middle of the night, my feet feels cold. So I scrapped that. Next, I tried putting lotion on my heels. Yes, the do their job - but after a few hours - they crack up and become dry again. And last night, I had a brilliant idea. I was lookng through my drawer and found some old stash (1 Pot) Keihl's Lip Balm #1, it was quite old because the label was already different compared to the ones that I have now. I assume that since I can use Petroleum Jelly, I can also use this too! So I decided to make a go of my plan.

I LOVE KIEHL'S LIP BALM #1, I truly adore it! When people ask me what lip balm I use, I automatically say Kiehl's! This brand was introduced to me by my good friend Kym, she gifted us with 1 pot each for Chirstmas last 1998, and since then - my bag ALWAYS has a tube or a pot. I tell people that this is THE best lip balm ever! I think it's waaaaaaay better than Carmex. It also doubles as a lip gloss, if you're not into lipsticks - this is THE product. :) It makes your lips soft and doubles as a gloss. What I love about Kiehl's is that when you have dry patches in your lips, after a few minutes of applying the lip balm - you can literally wipe away the dry excess (lip) skin. It makes your lips smooth and the lovely natural color shines through!

And so I got myself some Saran wrap from the kitchen, I figured - I wouldn't want to damage my socks with the oil/petroleum. So I proceeded to put the lip balm on my heels. Then wrapped my heel with Saran wrap before putting on my socks. And this morning when I woke up, I took off my socks and then cut off the Saran wrap - my heels were super soft and the dry patches were all gone!! Wow right? My heels looked brand new, as if I never had cracks in them!

Thank you Kiehl's!

Cupcake attempt #2

Monday, January 08, 2007

Last Saturday afternoon, I decided to make cupcakes again, and this time I did not forget to cool the cupcakes before frosting them! Yey! I used Cake Flour instead of the self-made Self-Rising Flour and ol'reliable All-Purpose Flour. The cupcakes came out softer and yummier! Double Yey!

The only disappointing thing was the color of the frosting. I carefully added a few drops of the McCormick Blue food color to my buttercream mixture (for fear that it'll turn out darker than usual but it came out Light Green! I added a few more and still it was green! I thought if I added more, it won't become blue - but it became Blue Green. Damn that food color!

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the outcome of the cupcakes. I love them!!

Yey for me!!

Here's to my cupcake obsession!!

I love OPM Songs...

Friday, January 05, 2007

I just need to say this, I LOVE OPM Songs!! Especially those sung by Gary Valenciano (pre-Christian-y songs ), the CompanY, Ces Quesada, VST, Ric Sigreto, APO Hiking Soceity, Joey Albert, Kuh Ledesma, and so many more!! I am listening to Magic 89.9's Friday Magic Madness and I loved the oldie OPM songs! They're all so soothing to listen to! They always bring a smile to my face when I hear them playing on the radio or on whoever's iPod.

Don't you miss listening to these songs? I do!!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well, since last week - we here in the house have been suffering from sudden 'gulat' attacks. This is because the squatters outside our home freely and enjoyingly play with firecrackers! They use the age-old reliable 'kwitis' the new and very much in demand 'boga' and whatever they can get their hands to.

Our gate is considered our fortress - but last Saturday, one of those playing with firecrackers came up with a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. Apparently, they have a lot of free time - thus, they lighted up a kwitis or two and then proceeded to drop them in our mailbox! Poor mailbox - poor poor mailbox! What was worse was that - our electric and water bills - got burned! Damn those kids! When we learned of this - well, we put water in the mailbox, hoping to extingiush any lighted firefracker that will be dropped inside the mailbox. So far, so good. Good thing there was no mail dropped at the mailbox during the time it was filled it water.

It's really irritating - but what can we do right? Even if we tell them it's wrong (what they did) they wouldn't understand. They'll listen to you but then just keep doing what they did! It's like what you're telling them is not absorbing. Pasok sa kabila, labas sa kabila..

There was an incident where our helper was closing the gate, he was motioning for the kids to move so that they won't get hit or hurt, but these kids insist that they won't get hurt and hold on to the gate and swing with it while it closes. Then out of the blue, one of the kids got hurt, his elder brother was shouting at the top of his lungs 'Put@#)*# niyo! Lumabas kayo jan, harapin niyo ako!' My brother who just happened to be near the gate heard the shouting, he then went out to confront whoever that was. He was really shocked to see that it was also a kid! When the kid saw my brother, he was angry because his younger brother was hurt when the gate was being closed. Our helper explained that he was telling that particular kid to move, but the kid would not budge - so the helper just proceeded to close the gate. My brother - who was very calm and objective told he kids out playing that they shouldn't be playing outside the gate, that it was dangerous and that they might get hurt. The kids one by one went away, but after a few minutes - came back and played, as if nothing happened.

What shocked me the most was how foul their language were! I couldn't believe that those were coming out of his mouth! Imagine a kid who was about 7 years old was already saying cuss words! Does he know what he's saying? Well, I highly doubt it.

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here's to a Bright and Shiny New Year!! :)

Cheers!! :)