Short Changed..

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I think I've been short changed this Christmas...

Now - why do I say that? Well, honestly - for the first time in years, I sort of went all out on giving gifts. I did NOT quantify but qualified - I thought that since they were my friends - I will give them what I could - some was even out of the budget.

I always had this idea in my head - High risk = High return. I know it was my mistake to expect and have this kind of idea but honestly - I felt bad.. Hear my side of the story..

Gift #1A - I got what I asked for, well - sort of. It was half of what I asked for. Hahaha! I actually made it clear stating that Friend #1 should be giving me Gift #1A and Gift#1B. But what I got was just one. We actually talked about what to give one another - and to be fair - Friend #1 wanted Gift X to be given and it was (there was even some more!), as for me - I asked for Gift 1A and Gift 1B. Come giving time - I was really eager to get both gifts - but unfortunately - I just got Gift 1A. Huhu... On the bright side.. It was a better Gift #1 than I expected. Hahahahahaha!!

Gift #2A & #2B - I also actually got what I asked for - but like Gift #1A - it was just part of the whole gift. I asked for Gifts #2A, #2B an#2C. It was also agreed that I would get ALL of what I asked for - but what did I get? Let's just say that I got 80% of what I asked for. It was already there - problem is - it was short! Huhuhu... But although it being short - well, I will be enjoying it naman..

Gift #3 - This gift, I was NOT expecting to get AT ALL. It came as a surprise for me! And when I got it - I was DELIGHTED. It came from a person - I NEVER GOT GIFTS from - EVER! I mean when the gift was handed to me - I was jumping inside of happiness - I was literally smiling from ear to ear. And so I thanked THAT person and was even told that it was a great gift and that THAT person thought of me to give. The next day - there was something tugging me to open the gift. I don't know why - but I guess call it instinct - and when I did - LO AND BEHOLD - there was a card addressed to THAT person coming from Unknown Person #1 and Unknown Person #2. WTF?! Argh.. I was already getting worked up - I can already feel the blood rising to my face!! Argh!! I was mad, but of course I kept it to myself first.. Then I did the unthinkable... I sent a text message to THAT person saying that MAYBE there was a mistake of some sort - and you know what THAT person replied? THAT person said that it was indeed given by Unknown Persons #1 & #2 - BUT - it's my gift now. My Gosh!! The nerve!! I can't explain fully what I felt when I received that message - but man it was full of high negative emotion! I mean - if you would indeed recycle gifts - MAKE SURE THAT YOU TAKE OUT ALL THE TAGS!! Argh... And when I saw THAT person - all the respect I had for THAT person - well, it diminished by at least 75%!! I still get asar whenever I remember it. (What made me asar was when she justified it) It would have been much better not to have received anything from THAT person.

Christmas Season is indeed the season of giving and I don't mean to quantify the gifts I have been receiving - but I was expecting the usapan to be followed - but it was not. Of the 3 gifts - I was most heartbroken with Gift #3. I never expected to receive anything from THAT person and when I finally did - it was such a disappointment.

My... My... My...

In all fairness - there was C who surprised me the most - she gave me something really nice this year. It was unexpected - really. And maybe because of that - I loved my gift. To you C - Thanks a bunch!! (I spoke too damn soon!! Okay - I just discovered something... and it was really bad.... tsk.. tsk.. I was about to use the gift - when I noticed some irregularities - (I actually noticed them when I opened the gift - but brushed it away..) and when I took a good look - I discovered... the item was already - USED!! Dang it... People - if you do decide to give others a USED gift.. man, present it more beautifully and FIX it!!)

Lessons learned:

1) If you do decide to recycle gifts - Make sure all the tags are removed and there is NO TRACE of evidence that pertains to the gift being 'recycled'.
2) Wrap the gifts properly so as it looks newly wrapped.
3) DO NOT GIVE GIFTS that have been USED! My gosh - what does that say about you? Tsk.. Tsk..

One word for these people - KARMA!!

Bicol Tripping!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Yes, I just came back from Bicol - what a trip it was!!

It had a stressful start - but the ending was wonderful!

Made new friends and even met Gov. LRey! (Who I'm sure won't remember me! Hahaha...)

Thanks for Carol - our host! Her parents and her sister Cathy.

Thank you for everything!! :)

I will be organizing my pictures (and thoughts) and will be posting soon!!

What is your ULTIMATE FAVORITE U2 song?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A follow-up question to my U2 post....

I know there are so many - but if you had to choose just one..

What will yours be?

Mine is Stuck in a Moment.

I don't know why - but whenever I hear this song, it literally stops me in my tracks..

I was once not a big fan of U2 - what changed it? Well, it was just recently - while watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Bono did this medley of U2 songs - a capella! It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

Can't wait!!

BTW - Leave a comment - share your favorite!! :)

U2 in Manila 2008?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Are they really coming over? If they are - DANG IT!!

I'm gonna buy me tickets!

I know for a fact that they make on helluva show!! :)

When they do come - I'll be able to cross out one item in my list of things to do before I die! Hahaha..

Smart Infinity dinner..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Last night, my Panget's cutie friend M - invited us for a dinner hosted by Smart Infinity at The Fireplace in Hyatt Hotel and Casino. We had no information whatsoever on what the event was for - we were just told to dress in formal attire in black or red - that was it! And so when we got to the place - we were like clueless kids walking into a gathering for the first time! We were greeted warmly by Mr. Johnny Litton - he was such a charmer!

As we entered the restaurant - My Panget and I were actually feeling out of place because those who were invited to the event - well, they were part of the society's big guns! Who were we to be there? We couldn't believe that we were in the midst of the movers and shakers in society. There was the son of the country's biggest mall developer, the wife of the co-owner of the country's biggest mall developer's hardware department, the grand son of the country's foremost broadsheet, the editor of a known fashion glossy, the newly appointed ambassador to China, the bag hag herself (I couldn't believe she was sharing a table with us!), the jeweller of the celebrities, and of course M and her husband E.

We were served with 6 course meal that consisted of a salad, soup, fish dish, sorbet, main entree and of course - dessert! Below is the actual menu of what they served us!

(picture to follow)

The salad was great - the bisque with Cognac was even greater! I loved it's flavor - it was perfect! - as M would say she loved how malasa (.. ) it was. The salmon was also a winner - the fact that they served it warm, made all the difference! The sorbet was really sour - but it served its purpose! The main course was served later than usual - I think it might have been a ploy for the taste buds - and it was since it arrived later than usual - because everyone at the table were raving on their meats! They served it with perfect done-ness (as per your preference) - it was lovely! For a person who has refrained to eat meat for more than a month - the sacrifice was well worth it! As for the dessert - well, since I am not a fan of chocolates - my Panget got two servings - full! He was so delighted, he was even telling our friends how lucky he was every time the dessert had chocolate in them. Hahaha!

The purpose of the dinner was to entice us to switch to Smart Infinity. They did offer a lot of incentives when you reach certain amounts, which actually the competition does not give out at all! Can you imagine that they give out trips to Lagen and Miniloc in El Nido? Another nice thing was that when you reach a certain amount (again) you get to avail of as much as 2 handsets! 2 freaking handsets! Now - that must be a good good deal right? I think so! I just hope that my current provider makes a little effort in improving its services - I mean really! This was such an eye-opener for me. Am I thinking about switching? Well, yes - but not soon - maybe when most of my friends have switched over! Hahaha..

Thanks M & E - my Panget and I super enjoyed last night!

To ED, EM, H and F (Congrats for winning the raffle prize!) - it was really nice to have met you all.. :) Hope to see you guys again soon!!

Post ahead

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Will be posting my review on Cantinetta, Amicci's Gelato and my busy busy Sunday soon!!

Zowee is sick!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Our youngest puppy is sick! She's like a child! Look at her!

The vet advised us to put a cold pack on her head to bring her fever down. And she's been sleeping like this since 10am!! :)

Isn't she cute??

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I hope I got it right! I know that Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November - and that is now!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! :)


Here's a turkey for everyone!!

The Weekend that was....

Monday, November 19, 2007

I will be posting in bullets. It was actually a lazy weekend, which I liked!
  • I actually watched an FPJ movie on Channel 2! I was laughing at myself! Hahaha..
  • Went to Megamall to check out my Panget's display booth
  • Ate at Banana Leaf - disappointing Thai food! The Tom Yum Kung was just all broth!
  • Went to get take out at Banapple. Man was I disappointed with the Apple Pie! It tasted really blaaaaaaaaaaah!! But the Banofee Pie was really really good!! :) (I will be posting pictures soon!!)
  • I started my Sunday with a Mass - and I loved it! It truly made my day..
  • Mom bought 1/2 kilos of oysters for a meager Php50.00! She made a delish Oyster Cake!
  • Had an uber lazy afternoon, went to Metrowalk to get some DVDs - bought Superbad, Knocked-Up and I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry.
  • Watched Superbad - it was super bad for me but my Panget loved it! (a guy movie)
  • Ate at Little Asia in Promenade - the food was so so - nothing great. It was filling!
  • Watched Knocked-Up and fell asleep! I guess I was tired! hahaha.. Will continue to watch it tonight!! :)
I am going back to my diet this starting today. I need to lose some weight!! Gained so much on my Bangkok Trip! Hahaha... Wish me luck guys!! :)

MMU Weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

When: November 24-25, 2007 (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
Where: Greenmeadows Clubhouse (inside Greenmeadows Bazaar)

Experience healthy and skin-friendly makeup, and feel the difference! Bringing the sensation from the US, we are launching the concept of mineral makeup here in the Philippines. This marks a first as all the mineral makeup brand vendors in the Philippines come together in one venue to celebrate mineral makeup and create more awareness about it to the market. Six brands would be joining, and as a treat, free samples will be given away, as well as free makeovers and skin consultations.

Moreover, talks will be held by skin specialists, makeup artists, and MMU brand owners as they showcase their strengths and advantages, and show us how to create simple yet stunning day and night looks.

Bangkok - Day 3

Thursday, November 08, 2007

We were more relaxed - decided to go to Platinum Mall as suggested by Mabs the night before. He said we will surely enjoy shopping in this mall. And we surely did! Having enjoyed walking around the whole mall - we forgot to take pictures!! Hahaha... Ladies, you will go crazy in this mall. I won't say anything much but - you've got to get your butts down there!! We had lunch at Platinum's Food Court - we were actually tired to find a restaurant. Hehe..

I think the 4 of us felt too tired that we were all feeling kinda loopy. I guess we walked so much! Haha.. After Platinum Mall, we walked ourselves to Siam Discovery, and found our way up to the store called Loft. Those Hong Kong fanatics are familiar with this place, they sell cutie goodies, most importantly - ballpens! Haha.. Too bad their ballpen collection was mediocre - the selection was very limited - sort of like National Bookstore. Nevertheless, I got myself 2 pens - Uni-ball's Vision Elite to be exact. Now, why that pen? Well, that pen is designed for frequent travellers (I think) - it boasts that the ink won't spill/leak when on an airplane. You see, I know my pens - it's my passion! hahaha..

After Siam Discovery, we moved next door to Siam Center. We didn't get to walk around much because we were so tired! We didn't realize that we walked like 5 floors and walked through ALL the lanes one by one (that's how OC I am.. you need to be systematic you know!) I was excited to get to Siam Paragon for the sole reason of tasting - iBerry Ice Cream!!

We then sampled a few flavors and after 5 minutes decided to order already! I ordered French Vanilla Tea, KY got the Thai Milk Tea, SE got the Coconut Sorbet and my Panget got the Nutella. I was supposed to take photos, but the staff prohibited me to do so, I don't know why! And so - this below is the only pics that were taken.

(Clockwise) Nutella, French Vanilla Tea,
Thai Milk Tea, Coconut Sorbet

Being in a daring mood - I decided to try the...... Tamarind Sorbet! It was not half bad, but man was it sour! But I think it grows on you. Maybe next time? Hahaha!! I wish!! (As in really wish)

My Panget requested this! Hahaha..

On our way home, I was asking my girls where they wanted to have dinner. KY asked in a sweet tone if it was okay for us to have dinner at the apartment. She was too tired! Well, we all were! Can you imagine that we walked from 9:45am up until 5:pm? We only had little rest period! As KY would say - it was like walking the whole of Ayutthaya the day before! Hahaha.. Since we decided to stay in - we also thought - why not buy street food and enjoy it at the apartment?! Good idea right? Uh, greaaaaaat idea!! I'm so glad my friends are so easy to please! Thank goodness!!!

Street food at Soi Lang Suan

What's nice with Bangkok is that they have a directory/yellow pages for Take-Out foods! It was really convenient because they even had the menus printed with their ads! I tasked KY to be the ones to order. She picked Cabbages & Condoms (don't ask me why?!) but it was a good decision - as the food tasted fab!! Really yummy yummy Thai take-out! We all loved the Mee Krob!

After dinner - SE and I were recharged! We decided to go to Suan Lum again to get the things she needed. Good thing we went, because if we waited till the next day - I think we would be too tired already

What a wonderful shopping day!!

Bangkok - Day 2

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Waking up at 530am was the hardest thing to do especially the day after a plane ride coming here. I was still feeling funny from the plane (I know it's a shorter trip but I'm weird!) but I had to get up. Our tour bus was scheduled to pick us up at 7:00am. So we had to be ready before that, but why that early? We wanted to have some breakfast first before leaving! It was an hour and a half trip to Ayutthaya - we had to be filled first right?

Mabs had arranged for us to take the Ayutthaya tour from the agency called River Sun Cruise tour. The bus we got on was not filled - thus, I wondered if there were less tourist this time of year of something was off. The drive up to Ayutthaya was nice and funny - our tour guide Pon, was really really entertaining. He was talking non stop for about 30-40 minutes about the history of Bangkok and Ayutthaya. It was a relief that he had a sense of humor, because he cracked us up once in a while. I think SE and I were the only ones listening - KY and my Panget had dozed off instantly. The weather was kind of gloomy - we were told that there were no rains for the day but the sky will be dimmer than usual. When we got off the bus - my gosh was it chilly. I'm still in disbelief with Bangkok's weather.

By the way - when we reached our first stop - I saw other buses from the same agency. There were a lot of tourists then! Most of them sounded they came from Australia.

Bang Pa-In Grand Summer Palace
The place was magnificent! It was huuuuuuuuge! And I think in the middle sits the Grand Palace - which was built by Queen Sirikit for a whopping USD9,000,000.00!! That info was from Pon - the tour guide - according to him, since the previous Ramas (kings) had consorts and concubines - the money was distributed, but with the present Rama - he has his one and only - thus she was allowed (and privileged) to build such grande of a palace. The color of the palace is cute! Purple! I took a peek from the side windows and saw that it had a French-Victorian design. Very modern, grande(again), and expensive!!

Spacious, elegant and pristine clean!

This is my favorite pic of the Summer Palace
it was shot by KY - nice noh?!

French Victorian Style - in Purple!

Ayutthaya Ruins
There are certain places, ruins to be exact that when you set foot on them, there's a feeling of nostalgia and disbelief that you are actually standing where the royalties and ancestors of the great land once walked! This is what I felt when I saw the ruins. I was in awe, the place looked destroyed but I bet they looked marvelous then! There were pictures/graphics actually that showed what it looked like before it was ruined.

One of the Buddha statues that
remained to be complete.

Oldest Buddha temple in Thailand
I grew up going to temples, making offerings every two weeks to To Ti Kong, burning Chinese paper folded to look like gold bullions. That's why I appreciate going inside Buddha temples. The ones we went to is one of the oldest in Bangkok. I couldn't believe that what I saw belonged to the 18th century! It didn't look old - it actually looked regal! I prayed in the first temple that we went to, made an offering and went to get some 'advice' from a Buddha-fortune-machine.

The main Buddha

2 Buddhas sitting in front

Me at the Oldest Buddha statue
the whole of Thailand

Reclining Buddha
I asked my friend why the Buddha had it's body wrapped up. He just said that it's done out of respect. Okay, maybe he was naked! But when I got a closer look on the face of the Buddha - it brought gave me chills - the smile that I saw was different. I've actually never seen a smiling Buddha except for the fat chubby Buddha figurines that we have in the house. I assumed that he must be feeling really good! Hahaha..

Reclining Budda - look at the smile!

Last Stop: River Cruise on the way back to Bangkok
We boarded an air-conditioned boat (thank goodness!) And the food they they served was a mix of Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine buffet style. It wasn't bad, it was filling and the Pad Thai was great! This was the part that I loved the most, because after eating KY, SE and I talked I think for 2 hours! It's times like these that made me smile and feel really blessed to have friends like them. I love them so dearly and I'm so glad that we've kept in touch all these years. I can't explain it but let me put it this way - it's like I was home with them - there's the ease and comfort knowing that I can tell them everything and not be judged.

We arrived at River City at4:00pm, it was right on schedule. We boarded a bus to bring us back to our hotel. For some reason, the driver said for us to take the seats at the back. The reason we learned was that we were the last ones to be dropped off. I thought that since all the passengers were in the same area - we would be back at the hotel in 30 minutes, but I was dead wrong - we got to the hotel exactly an hour after we boarded! My gosh - the traffic was that bad, that bad! Crazy actually.

We rested for about half an hour, then got ready for dinner. My friend Mabs was taking us to see Sirocco, the bar located at the Lebua State Tower, and for dinner - I asked him to bring us to Somboon! I was warned by Mabs to wear closed shoes as the bar is strict with its dress code. I didn't bring any! I was planning to buy actually - good thing KY brought an extra pair - and so I put it in a plastic and stuffed it in my bag.

When we got to the State Tower's elevators - right when Mabs warned me - the ladies told me that I couldn't go up because I was wearing flip flops - I retorted to them that I have a pair in my bag! (Ha! In your face!) But what was said next shocked us. You see they're strict with their dress code (I know, I said that already) - and as stated in a rather large tarpaulin - No ripped clothing. Great! My Panget was wearing his ripped jeans. He was allowed to go up the top floor, but was not allowed to go out to the al fresco bar. Good thing my Panget was still game for it. He let us enjoy and take pictures. Sorry, but there was no decent picture that I can show you, too bad we didn't bring KY's SLR. So for now - you may click here to see the photo gallery of Sirocco's site.

There was something that I didn't like with Sirocco - it was that everyone had to order drinks - had they wanted to or not, it's must. The prices for the drinks were off the charts! For a beer it's BHT290.00 for a Mai Tai that's BHT320.00 for a Pina Colada it's BHT320.00 - AND - you still have to add 17% for VAT! High way roberry!! ARgh.... That's the lowest point of my day - when I got the bill. I was shocked!

I was really raring to get out of the place, but there was still another bar a few floors down. This time we were wary of the lady escorts offering drinks. We ignored them and walked right out! Hahaha.. After that we headed to Somboon!

I was really excited, I kept on telling my friend to bring us to the authentic one because I was warned by Nena about taxi drivers taking their guests to the wrong Somboon! I was still skeptical about the resto when we got there, I was pacified by KY - since she tried this place years ago - she said that this was the real one. I had to check the logo twice! Hahaha.. Apparently - they have a new logo! :)

We ordered - Oyster Cake, Crabs in Yellow Curry, Tom Yum, and a Fish dish. There's a tagalog saying that when everyone's quiet at the dinner table they're 'galit galit' meaning everyone is too hungry to chat. And I think that was what happened with us. But as my Panget put it he said 'Inis Inis' Hahaha!! But still, for us it meant the same. The crabs was greaaaaaaaaaat! The yellow curry sauce was to die for! It was an egg-y-ish concoction.

Crab in Yellow Curry

Looks really yummy, right?

After dinner we had wine at the pool deck over at our place. It was breathtaking - too bad Mabs decided to go to Manila over the weekend. After the drinks - we then headed to the massage place - just down the street. I was told by many to have as many massages as possible - and that it'll be surely worth it.

And so we entered Massage #5. KY and I had the full body Thai Massage while my Panget and SE just opted for the Thai foot massage. And the verdict? It was wonderful! Really really wonderful! Have you tried TonTon's massage? They claim to have been trained by Thais right? Well, it doesn't even compare a little bit! I would be bold enough to say that it's a fake! (Walang sinabi ang TonTon's massage!) After the massage - I felt so great! My therapist was a rather big girl - but she hit all the right spots, I mean all the right spots!

We truly enjoyed our day. And to end it with a Thai massage - well, that's the most rewarding thing!!

Bangkok - Day 1

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I have been giddy about going to Bangkok for months!! I'm so blessed to have friends who helped me book a place in the Langsuan area (actually they convinced me to book at Fraser rather than Hotel Ibis in Pratunam - thanks Mabs & Whit!); give tips and suggestions on where to go, what to do and most importantly - where to eat! (Thanks Nena!! Hope Joey had a blast too!! )Here's a summary (if you can call it that) of my 5 days in Bangkok.

I guess most of you know that our flight was delayed. Great right? I mean sarcastic great - you see, we had most of the 5 days planned. My good friend Mabs set out an itinerary for us to follow - it mainly consisted of shopping (the only activity he knew we'd like) but it was ruined because of the delay. At first I didn't think that 2 hours would matter - well, it did matter! Because since we got there 2 hours later - traffic was horrendous! I've been to Bangkok before, two years ago I think, but that trip was mainly visiting shopping malls. All I remember was going to a mall called Emporium, a department store near where we stayed at - Central, the Patpong night market, Suan Lum night bazaar and of course - the ever famous Chatuchak weekend market (which I will not go to again - if given a chance, once is enough!)

I didn't know that there was a new airport in Bangkok - it's called Suvarnabhumi. It was really nice - I mean really really nice. Kind of reminded me of the Hong Kong airport. I think new airports looked quite similiar - but hey - it looked very posh! I don't know what gate we got off from but man - was it a loooooong walk!! What irked me more was the loooooooooong queues for passport control! My gosh! Would you believe that it took us 45 minutes to get out of passport control? There were that many people falling in line. What's worse - the airport officials did not even open counters to accommodate the long lines!! Ai-ya! I thought that it was only in the Philippines that had long lines (because of the limited number of counters) but alas - Bangkok also had long lines!

Our baggages were already waiting for us when we got out - so that was fast I guess. Mabs instructed us to get the AOT taxi/limousine service to take us to the serviced apartment. Taking a taxi would mean that our group (of 4) would have to split up - that's a no no - since the place we're staying at is quite foreign from us - and it's not as if we know Bangkok like the back of our hand. Right before going through the customs - we arranged and paid for the AOT Isuzu for BHT850.00 not bad we thought. We were actually offered a bigger car that costs BHT1,100.00 - Nah - too expensive. As we passed through customs - there were AOT people who helped us and showed us where to wait. Unfortunately - the car we hired will be late - and you may guess the reason - traffic. Great! Just great! I think we were told to wait for about 10 minutes - but for me I think it took more like 20 minutes. Time was running out! And on the way to the serviced apartment - wooooooosh... horrendous traffic!! Argh.

Lobby pictures.. Nice right?? Uber nice!!

What earned my first smile was when we entered the lobby of our serviced apartment, Fraser Place, Langsuan. According to my friend Mabs - a lot of expats live here and the whole area is actually filled with expats. It's a residentail area of sorts, there were a lot of condominiums and at the back of the place was a townhouse. The lobby was spectacular - for my standards that is and clean! (I just had to say that), and very modern. It was better compared to the hotel I stayed at two years ago. Not that I'm saying that Swiss Lodge was bad - it was a small business hotel, but this one - Fraser Place Langsuan - was far greater in terms of ambiance! We were checked in fast, we were all excited to see the room given us. I was honestly quite nervous (because I was the one who arranged it for everyone) - alas when my Panget opened the door - shrieks and awes were heard. Verdict? We loved our room! If Iwe could just stay in the room the whole time - we would! Hahaha... (I can get tamad even on vacations!) But no, we had to make most of our first trip to Bangkok together.

Our very functional kitchen and lovely living room!

First things first. After we got settled in - we headed to Central Chitlom to stock up in groceries. Water, chips and other whatever things we needed. Since I am a big big fan of supermarkets - I loved it! There were so many things inside!! I wished to stay longer than we did, but my Panget insisted that since we lived so near - I had a lot of time to do that. Okay! Hahaha..

Overwhelmed with choices?

Can't decide!!

For our first dinner - we wanted to go to this Pad Thai restaurant recommended by the New York Times called Thip Samai. But unfortunately - the location was quite far and traffic was horrendous (that time) We then settled for a restaurant in the Suan Lum Night Market compound. We picked - Me Hang restaurant firstly because it was the only restaurant that we saw when we were dropped off secondly because we were sooooooo hungry! Me Hang it is!! We ordered Soft Shell Crab in Garlic, Tom Yum Goong with Shrimp, Phad Thai, Spring Rolls, Minced Meat with Basil and Garlic. Everything tasted great, I mean everything! The drinks that we had were Iced Coffee for my Panget and Thai Iced Tea for me and my girls. I was honestly afraid to sample the dish because I'm not used to very spicy dishes. But the verdict? The dishes were all great! Despite the spicy-ness, it was all good!! My Panget was sweating like crazy - meaning- the food was really hot! But what proved to me that the the dishes were spicy like hell? My friend KY had tears coming out of her eyes! I felt for her... but it was a good experience, right KY?

(Clockwise) Minced Meat with Basil and Garlic,
Prawn Pancake, Pad Thai, Soft Shell Crab

(Clockwise) Me and my Panget excited to
sample the Soft Shell Crab, a refreshing
Thai Iced Tea, the DEADLY Tom Yum!

After dinner we headed to Suan Lum which was right beside the restaurant. We walked till about 12:30am. We had to head home since we had a tour booked at 7:00am the next day..

Day 2 will consist of a tour of Ayutthaya, river cruise back to Bangkok, early drinks at Sirocco, a delish dinner at Somboon and the best way to end the day - a dose of the famous local Thai massage.

I do ask for your patience, as I am still waiting for pictures (taken by KY's SLR).

I'm back!!

Just got back yesterday - time sure flies!!

I had a wonderful time in Bangkok!!

Will post as soon as I organize the pictures!! :)

I'd love to go back to Bangkok again!!

My dress...

Monday, October 29, 2007

This is what my dress looks like...
I wore it to my friends S and A's wedding..

It was made by Tammy Tan. I got the idea for the design online - to be more specific - in the Neiman Marcus website. Tammy was the one who suggested the color.

I think this dress will come out in the glossies in the coming months.

Love you Tammy!! :) Thanks! :)

Flight Delayed... Argh!!!

Yes, you read it right - my flight tomorrow to sunny Bangkok will be delayed for 2 hours!! A few minutes ago - I received a phone call from PAL. Apparently there has been an aircraft thingie - thus - our flight will be delayed for 2 hours! So instead of departing at 1030am - it will be 12:30pm!

Half-day shopping - down already. Great. Now - that leaves us with less time to go around. Just great.

Good thing I didn't push having to do all the city tours tomorrow afternoon!


PAL - Philippine Arlines = Plane Always Late.

a Sad puppy..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yes, I'm a sad puppy.

This afternoon I received sad news. It's sad for me because I was expecting my best bud KI to join us in our Bangkok trip. Unfortunately, even if the odds were with us - she still decided not to come. I am very much disappointed - but what can I do right? *Sigh................

I was really looking forward to traveling with KI, actually with the whole gang. This was supposed to be our first out of the country trip since high school!

Anyways, KI - we'll miss you!! Wish you can still change your mind and come with us!! Pwede pa naman - there's still the online booking facility in PAL's website! Go go go!!

In a few days, I'll be off to Bangkok - I'm really excited!! :)

MM's send off..

Monday, October 22, 2007

(L-R) MM, A, moi!, K
what poses right?!

This is us - the Beijing Chickens.

Our friend MM will be heading to Shang-Hai next week for a 7 week training courtesy of Citibank. Since she'll be gone for a while - K decided to have a cookfest that originally tagged her and B - MM's fiance (who is now taking cooking classes) to whip up some dishes for us!

But as it turns out - K was the only one who did everything! We had this super delish garlic dip and a very yummy Cheesy Chicken Casserole!! (I even took home the left over sauce!! Haha..)

After dinner - us girls went to the den to watch a little TV and did some catching up (even if we saw one another at Vic's wedding - the funniest wedding ever!!) When our respective boys arrived - we then proceeded to play Taboo.

I learned Taboo from KY - she brought this game along when we went to Bagiuo some 9 years ago (has it been that long?!?!?!) And ever since - I've been loving this game and also kicking some good ass winning too!! It was the boys versus the girls - can you guess which team won??

The consequence was that for every round lost - there should be a representative from the losing team to drink 1 shot of Tequila. Great idea right? Well, I was forced to take one for the team! My first ever 'real' tequila shot! Hahaha..

In the end - the girls won 5 - 2. Hahaha!! :)

We will miss you MM!! :) See you when you get baaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Dinner with my Girls..

Friday, October 19, 2007

It has been months since we all sat down and had dinner. KY has been in Paris, finishing her Masters in Luxury Branding. While SE has been busy with work, KI has also been busy with baking and cooking school.

So I took them to Cook Book Kitchen. They loved the food and the price too!! :) Another success!! Hahaha.. I've become quite a good customer to them actually, the head server had this knowing smile when she saw me. Hehehe... :)

I haven't seen KY in 9 months - but man, did she look beautiful. Ang ganda ganda niya super!! No exaggeration. She did gain a little weight but she looked so blooming, happy and uber beautiful! I told her to maintain her weight because she looks sooooo nice. But she retorted that since she's the active-beach person that she needed to lose a little weight para naman hindi scandalous ang dating. KI still looked the same, we'd bump into one another at the Yoga studio once in a while - I just have to say this - her curls - super bagay with her!! We picked up SE and - she still looked the same. I think out of the 4 of us - it's always SE that looks the same.

These girls are my high school best friends. They're one of those constant things in my life. Even though we don't see each other often - there's this certain bond eh. I can't explain it but it's there and I'm glad that despite the years, the travels, the boyfriends, the heartaches, the successes and failures - we're still there for one another - nothing has changed (except hairstyles, hahaha!) I'm so glad that we can still sit down and act silly with each other, laugh at one another give advice and just be there for one another.

Super glad that we'd be travelling together in 2 weeks!!

KI - Sumama ka na kasi...

38 Questions...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? Alch!
2. What were you doing at 0800? Watching TV with my Panget
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Talking to my mom
4. What happened to you in 2006? Tried out Bikram Yoga for the first time!
5. What was the last thing you said out loud? Nakakatawa!
6. How many beverages did you have today? None yet! (yikes!)
7. What color is your hairbrush? Brown
8. What was the last thing you paid for? Credit Card bill
9. Where were you last night? At my Panget's watching my Tagalog soaps!!
10. What color is your front door? Green!!
11. Where do you keep your change? In a small coin purse
12. What’s the weather like today? Quite sunny actually
13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? Vanilla!
14. What excites you? Adventures?
15. Do you want to cut your hair? Nope! I'm saving itto give to a friend.. :)
16. Are you over the age of 25? Yezzzzzzzzzz
17. Do you talk a lot? O yes, I mean A LOT!!
19. Do you know anyone named Steven? Yeah, an uncle of mine
20. Do you make up your own words? Never.. Hahaha!!
21. Are you a jealous person? defintley NOT! I don't know why - lucky lucky Panget!!
22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’. Althia
23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’. Kim/Kym
24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? Kym
25. What does the last text message you received say? boring stuff!
26. Do you chew on your straw? Never
27. Do you have curly hair? I'm somewhat curly - wavy actually!
28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? Cook Book Kitchen!!
29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? I can't think of any now..
30. What was the last thing you ate? VEggies - last night
31. Will you get married in the future? Oo naman - (I think??)
32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? Resident Evil - extinction
33. Is there anyone you like right now? None?
34. When was the last time you did the dishes? Last Tuesday night.
35. Are you currently depressed? Nuh-uh!
36. Did you cry today? Nope
37. Why did you answer and post this? I like answering these kinds of stuffs!! Hahaha...
38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey. Sophie, Gita, Liza, Fran, Char

Planning - Bangkok Trip Part 2

Here's a checklist for the trip:

Accomodations - Our hotel/apartment has been booked already by my brother's friend M. We're staying at the Fraser Apartments in Luangsan. Click on the link and see how amazing it looks! I can't wait already (Super giddy with excitement!!!!)

Tour - My friend W who's been based in Bangkok said that she'll do the booking for us - her apartment building's conceirge arranges the best tours (daw). We're taking the Ayuthaya Tour that is an hour bus ride up and on the way back to Bangkok - we'll be riding a ferry - I do hope it's an air-conditioned one!!

Itinerary - well, this part is still - non existent. It got me thinking - the first time I went to Bangkok - all we did was shop, there were no tours at all. This time, I think I'd like to see some more sights. I mean - 3 whole days in Bangkok (2 airport days) - that's a LOT of time already, don't you think?

I just hope that the weather is bearable. I'd have to bring my ever reliable fan again with me - to save me from the heat!!

I also just learned yesterday that October 29 - Monday was declared a non-working holiday to give way to the local Baranggay elections! Sweet! It means that - I will only be skipping 2 working days!! Yehaaaaaaaaaaa!! And when I come back - I'd still have one whole day to rest! Perfect!!!

Now, I wished that we had booked our trip on October 27 instead of the 30th!! We could have gone to Phuket! Dang it!!

Maybe next time....

BTW - Would anyone know how Bangkok celebrates Halloween?

Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here we go again!! Yehaaaaaaaaa!!!

Weeknights will never be boring again!! Hahaha!! (I've suddenly become a fan of the localized version of Marimar!!)

It's been 3 days since the housemates entered the house, and this early - I have my favorites! Here's a rundown on my take on the contestants:

My favorites:

Yayo A. - she's an 80's has been. Can you believe she's 40? I thought she was younger! Well, you see she belonged to the Philippines' version of 'The Breakfast Club' - and somehow at the height of her success - she eloped with her now husband to the US. They had kids and all, then suddenly they came back to pursue their acting careers. Little did I know that she was a martyr wife. Now, why is she my favorite? Well, simply because the so pleasant to look at and watch on TV and for the simple fact that she belonged to the Bagets era.. Babaw noh?!

Wil D. - I've been seeing him in glossies for the past few years, I never knew he came to Manila to pursue a lady love. And now that they've broken up - he remained here because (he says) he fell in love with the country. And I think - he has good modeling offers! He's such a cutie!! And friendly too! For the most part (that I've watched) he's most of the time seen with Ruben (Davoa's pride) - which is so nice for me (for matters I cannot explain fully) but it makes me smile when they're together. There's this down-to-earth feel with him.

Riza S. - Simply because she's so prim and proper!! My gosh - when she sits down - she reminds me so much of my good friend M! They have a nice posture! I admire the fact that she's open that she's a virgin (still) She's so pretty too! And she served the army? Wow!

The rest:

Ruben - I think he deserves the money prize the most. We love underdogs - remember FRanzen of PBB1?

Gaby - I realized that there was more to her than racing cars! I always thought she talked funny (super sloooow) but I guess she picked up her pace when she talks to BB! hahaha..

Megan - Okay - so she did the unthinkable - jumped over the fence to the rival network. Good decision? Me thinks ABS put her here for more exposure.

Donnie - He did bring out country pride with medals won in Taekwondo matches - but I don't know - there's something that's a little off with him.

Baron - I belong to the 'Tabing Ilog' era and was very disappointed with the outcome of his decisions in life - it seems that being a star got to his head faster that his peers! Imagine, he was launched together with John Lloyd Cruz! Look at where dear Lloydie is now?!

Victor - he's just sooooooooooooooo quiet! That's it.

Marylane - I can't seem to see the Bi-Polar-ness in her (which some people thought she had) she's part of the 26K girls of the local version of Deal or No Deal! She's smart ah! The fact that she writes for the DLSU paper and The Manila Times - impressive!

McCoy - Just one sentence - He sang (and composed?) the Pinoy Big Brother theme song. He has come full circle for me thinks.

The one I dislike the most:

Jen - my gosh - I think this celebrity will have the longest of my comments - I sooooooooo dislike her! She too loud, too vocal and too much of everything! She quite striking but the longer you look at her - blaaaaaaaaah...... she's so tactless! Gosh - she says the dumbest things to her housemates! Actually - her mannerisms - makes me want to strangle her out of the house! In a way she's an effective contravida in the house. She's a Wendy(monyo) in the making, but at least Wendy was pretty and was nice during the first few weeks! This Jen ?? My gosh! She's not!! I know she's just being herself and remaining true to the 'magpakatotoo ka slogan' but man - there's a limit you know!

Zara - The one I have no reactions of because I haven't seen in action (yet!)

John - OMG! He's that hot guy on the BENCH billboard along Edsa! He used to occupy the place where Jake Roxas is not. Hotness.... HOTNESSSSSSSSSS!!!

Planning - Bangkok Trip Part 1

Monday, October 15, 2007

I am sooooooo giddy with excitement! In 2 weeks! My Panget and I with my 2 HS buds S and K will be off to Bangkok for 5 days! Yup! FIVE freaking days!! Wuhooooooooooooo!!

Finally! The trip that was planned since early this year is finally - FINALLY pushing through!!

So - what do we do? Well, my good friend Mabs - whose based in Bangkok has given us quite the itinerary - I think it will be enough - but what do you think?? (Mabs - I soooo love you for this!!)

Oct 30 - arrive and check-in 3PM
3PM to 5PM Central Chit Lom shopping and grocery
5PM - 7PM Paragon Mall shopping and Underwater world
8PM - dinner in Paragon
9PM - Suan Lum night bazaar
Oct 31
6 AM - 4PM (Ayuttaya or floating market tour)
4 PM arrive the appartment (freshen up)
5PM - 9PM MBK mall (toys of Panget and green hills type shopping)
9:30 PM - Thai massage on the street
Nov 1
9AM - 12 Lunch - Platinum Fashion Mall (Girls) & Pantip Plaza (Panget)
2PM - 7PM Siam Square, Siam Discovery and Siam Center (Local Bangkok Brands by Indy fashion designers K will love this)
7PM - 9PM Dinner
9PM - you can go back to Suan Lum night bazzar
Nov 2
9AM - 12 lunch - Central World (biggest mall in Bangkok)
1PM - 7PM - free time to get some last min shopping and pasalubong.
Friday night gimmik!!!
Nov 3

Will I finally have the guts to watch the Thai Ping Pong show? I have to!! And I will!! :)

Any suggestions on what to do and where to go?


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

I know it's an early start...

Have a GREAAAAAAAAAAT one you guys!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dang it!

I've been wanting to write a blog entry - but every attempt I've made - I get stumped! Literally looking into the screen of the laptop - and not knowing what to write!

Dang it!

Here are the highlights of the weekend:
- It was S's wedding day
- The dress I had Tammy Tan make for the wedding was a huuuuuuge hit!
- I had dinner with my GT sisters Sheila and Sophie!
- Had the ultimate MMU test - from 10am to 1:00am - Galeng!
- DLSU won the crown - again!! (14-0? what happened?)

So for now - this........

Till my brain starts functioning again........


Friday, October 05, 2007

Greaaaaaaaaaaat game! Greaaaaaaaaaaat seats!!

Need I say more?

Here's the last few minutes of the game! For those who failed to catch it.

It was such a great game (I just had to say that again!) Good job boys!! :) This was only my second live game this season!

From where I was seated - I was amazed that JV Casio was a big boy! Hahahaha... :)

Animo La Salle!!

Desperate Housewives S3 Fiasco - Apology

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I just saw this when I was opening my Yahoo! Mail.

This part of the article:

What do you think?

Untimely Death..

I learned from my mom last night that there was a fellow ICAn that was shot dead because of road rage. I wondered who she was, and so when Bandila (the late night news on TV) was up, she called me to the living room. So I waited to see who it was. It turns out - it was Katherine Palmero or Kay-P to me.

When I saw her picture being flashed on the screen, I suddenly remembered her ever so jolly mood. She would always be smiling and talking to people. We're not close but we knew one another. We'd often exchange hi's and hello's when we'd see one another in the hallways of DLSU. I think that was the only time (after High School) that we had actually talked. But that was years ago.

She just turned a year older last September.

28 is too young...

I really hope and pray that they get their justice.

Kay-P - you are loved we will miss you! Thanks for the small talks and the big smile you had waiting for me whenever we'd see one another in campus.

Rest in Peace my dear!!

Desperate Housewives S3 Fiasco - Offensive?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Maybe we're just too sensitive on these matters?

Well, I guess for some yes and for some - no.

My opinion on the matter? Well, I get the joke - and I found it quite funny. But it was a cheap shot. Offensive as it was - I think the line just showed us more how insensitive and tactless Susan Meyer is.

That's it to me.

Deny... Deny to death!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

That is a phrase some of my males friends tell me when asked if they'll admit to having an affair (if they ever do) Now why is that? Beats me! But I know for a fact that when a guy admits to having an affair - he will never hear the end of it! Ever!!!

This brings me to local showbiz's latest revelation: The Dennis Trillo Baby Frenzy..

When I heard the news that Carlene Aguilar (who's a schoolmate in HS - she's 2 batches lower than I am) was pregnant - I assumed it was Dennis Trillo's baby. Obviously, these two have been an off-again, on-again, couple. But when he denied it, a-haaa - I thought there was something fishy. Then I learned from the grapevine that Carlene has denied it too and said that some other guy sired the baby. The plot thickens..

Now after months of speculation and 9 months have passed - a Pinay nurse was able to leak the news that the baby's last name was Dennis Trillo's real last name. Alas - the media frenzy.

Finally, he admitted to fathering the child last Sunday. Great? I think not.

Why deny a blessing?

They should have polished their stories first.

A very dumb move..


Okay, so my good friend S's wedding is coming up - 6 days to go till the big day!!. My Checklist is almost complete!

- Dress It's already being dry-cleaned at the moment!
- Shoes I'm using an old, reliable pair :)
- Accessories Thanks to Kath! It made all the difference!!
- Bag - Still thinking of borrowing or buying (a really cheap one that is!)
- Hairstyle - BIG dilema
- Make-up - Another BIG dilema

It's already this Sunday - and I haven't booked anyone to do my make-up and hair! Darn it! Actually, I can't decide! Yikes! It's really a tough choice!

But to make things somewhat okay - Sophie was willing to teach me how to do my own make-up. I'm not what you call a make-up maven - I actually suck at this. I don't know how to differentiate my look. I'm super scared to experiment. Such frustration!!

And my hair? Well, I'll just probably go to a salon in QC. Any suggestions?

The funniest wedding ever!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yesterday - I attended my friend Vic's wedding. It was raining so hard - if you're Chinese it means one thing - It's a LUCKY day. And I think it was - because during the ceremony - people were laughing out loud! And it was echoing all through-out the church! Even if it was supposed to be a serious ceremony - the groom has somehow managed to make everyone laugh - not once, not twice, but many times over!! You see - this friend of mine is really really funny. He has this sense of humor that can make anyone laugh - no joke! He's infectious!

Of all the weddings I've attended in my whole life - I think that this is the only wedding that made me laugh the most! The priest who presided - Fr. Johnny Go, SJ - also made sure that there was a little humor in his homily. I actually listened as he told everyone how the bride and groom met. What was odd (and nice) was that he made the bride and groom face the attendees while they were saying their vows. It think that this is such a great idea - something new and different (maybe - this is the first time I saw it happen)

Anyways - the wedding ceremony was already funny. The reception - was even more funny! Vic indeed chose the right host - he got his friend of 20 years to do it! He gave out the perfect punchline to make the guests laugh. He was really good - actually, I think he's the best one I've seen yet. He was witty and funny. What I especially loved was his speech - and how he thanked himself for a job well done. It made everyone in the ballroom laugh out loud!

I also think that the company I was with was also great, thus the reception was even more fun! My Panget and I were seated amongst friends, my Beijing friends actually - and they all were funny in their own ways.


Happy Birthday!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Happy Birtday Liza!!!

She's the sister of my Panget..

Happy Happy Birthday! :)

Enjoy your party!! :)


Seeing green..

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Green Tea is the feature drink at Starbucks as of the moment. I tried their Green Tea Latte last weekend and I loved it! Yesterday afternoon - I sort of craved for it (there's this taste in mymouth that reminded me so of that green tea latte drink) So after yoga class, I immediately went to get myself an extra hot Green Tea Latte. I can't explain it - but I soooooooo love the taste! It's so soothing, plus it's so fragrant. My Panget however, doesn't agree with me on this.. Tsk.. Tsk..

Last night, I got a text from Tammy Tan - she told me that my dress will be ready this afternoon! Yipee! You see - my dress is in Emerald - yes, emerald! I was sort of leaning towards browns and plums - but somehow, when I met Tammy - I was wearing a green top and she liked the color on me - and so we decided on a green color - emerald to be more specific.

She also asked me if she could borrow the dress after the wedding. She said she'll use it for a shoot in an upcoming magazine made by PDI. I answered yes, of course!! I'm so excited to see the dress in the glossy! Cool right?

And so my love affair with green begins.....

Which reminds me... the green blood in me is sort of excited and nervous! I hope they win the game this time around!! :) Animo La Salle!!

Tickets were so hard to come by.. Dang it!!

I hate this feeling...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last night - after taking my Bikram Yoga class - I ate 1 piece of Banana for dinner - thinking that since it's a fruit - what harm can it do to me?

This morning - I was in a very delightful mood.

At the moment - I'm feeling stressed, irritated and bloated.

So, this is how it feels like to be constipated.


I hate that banana!