Jonathan Matti

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Who are you? (Since you hassled me and were kinda rude and 'finicky' your name deserves to be on my blog..)

Have you heard of him? Well, I haven't and last week was the first time I heard his name. He needed a mega white carpet (his staff Aida even doubting the color named Bleached White, I sent him the picture thru email yet, there was doubt - we're not color blinds you know..) installed at his model unit at the Two Serendra - and yesterday, we did install it - despite a lot of setbacks like the room still being painted and with a lot of stuffs), and now that I am following up the payment - naku! Kinda lang ah, pahirapan... When I called, a guy named Paolo answered my call - and I could hear a guy shouting in the background - the suddenly the phone went dead! Nabagsakan pa ako ng telepono. Then when I called again, high and mighty Mr. Matti answered the phone, at first he was pleasant and then he barged me with 'I heard you were rude to my staff!' Me rude? I asked how and he said that I kept on following up the payment - well, of course Sir, the job has been done - in lightning speed!! Since you required everything to be done FAST - we also expect for you to pay on time! Was I rude? I think not - it was his staff who PROMISED to pay even before installing! So was I rude? I wish I were rude (just to justify the accusation) - and maybe I should have! I think rude was what happened to me - nabagsakan ako ng phone diba?

All I can say is - BAHALA NA SI LORD SAYO!! :) God Bless you! :)

I just needed to say that...

Tsk.. Tsk...

A person should not be cocky - even if he's famous (or so he would like to think) - tsk.. tsk..

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