Monday, December 04, 2006

This is one of the new shoes that I am kind of into right now. At first I was hesitant to watch the first few episodes for fear the I would get hooked. Since my Panget went on a road trip last week, and there were 3 days with no work - I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, we only had 3 episodes of the show. So I had to make a schedule on what show to watch at what time, so that I wouldn't get bitin. I made it a point to just watch 1 episode a day. Yes, unbelievably - I was able to control my urges!

Now, it's already Monday - and just a few minutes ago - I saw the 6th episode.

The first 5 episodes were okay - I was on my toes watching them, but on the 6th episode, I got kinda bored - I don't know why?! But I found some parts boring. Maybe I was looking for more 'action' and answers too. For those who've been keeping an eye on this series, can you clarify some things for me? Kindly highlight to see the questions, WARNING - SPOILERS (for those who have not seen the series):

1. What is Niki's power? Does DL have a superpower too?
2. Does Isaac have to be high to be able to draw the future?
3. Who is Sylar (which actor?)
4. Since Nathan and Peter have super powers - does it mean that their Dad had it too (and caused his depression and eventual suicide?)
5. Is Mohinder part of the super power group or will he just remain like his father? The reference?
6. What's the power of the black guy who's always with Claire's dad?

Petty questions, huh!?

Haha.. :)

BTW - I can't get enough of Grey's Anatomy!! Argh.....


  1. I'm on episode 11 or so, and have the answers to pretty much all your questions. Do you want me to post the answers or would you rather find out by watching the show in its entirety? =)

  2. Yeah, after you watch the season finale, a lot of your questions will eventually get answered.

    The show got a bit dragging in the middle so I know how you feel, but it gets better.

    But why is it that when I watch that series and see Peter, I get reminded of Little Nicky? I cant help but laugh. XD

  3. Hi wysgal! Please do tell me! Email it to me! Hahaha.. I haven't had the time to watch, I have to catch up soon!

    Hello redkinoko! Thanks for dropping by! Have they finished? It thought they just started airing. Peter does remind me of Little Nicky, maybe because of his hair. His hair parts the same way as Little Nicky's! Hahaha..