Yoga in the morning..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I just got back from my Bikram Yoga session. I needed to catch up because I took the 30-Day Challenge. Since there were 2 holidays (November 1 &2) plus another day because I got sick - I need to take 3 double days to make-up for lost time.

Today was my first time to take the 8:30am class, since it was first thing in the morning - I didn't know what to expect. I knew for a fact that my body will still be stiff - but what the heck - I needed to do it. I was also told by Tristan that the hottest class were the morning classes - good thing the weather was quite gloomy - Nakikisama ang panahon sa akin.

I reached the studio at about 8:15am, as I signed up for class I noticed that there were already about 6 people who's already signed up ahead of me! Most were women, there was only 1 guy who was with us. As I entered the locker room to deposit my things - I saw familiar faces, most were mothers - they had already brought their kids to school and this was their only free time. I admire these mothers, despite their busy schedule - they still had time for themselves. WOW right? I always thought that if and when I do get married - I'd be juggling a lot of things, a lot of responsibilities which means less time for myself, but these women are just inspiring. It only proves that if you will yourself, you can do it!

I was right about my body being stiff - it was super stiff! Bones were cracking everywhere! I couldn't stretch out to my normal limit - I was pissed! Thus I tried harder - the result? More sweat! Hahaha.. My friends will be shocked to learn that I am putting myself to a sweat fest every single day, as they all know that I hate to sweat! I really do, but Bikram Yoga is an exception. This is 'the' only exercise that I am so willing to do. (I am subjecting myself to Bikram's torture for 26 straight days!!)

I'm back in the office now - and later this afternoon - I will be back again at the studio. An addict? Well, I took the challenge! I have to do it and I WANT to do it. :)

I feel so rejuvinated! It seems like a lot of adrenalin has been pumped into my system. What a great way to start my day!! :)



  1. Wow way to go! I could never get myself to exercise in the morning though they say thats the best time. I'm just still not a morning person. Maybe you will inspire me.:) Keep up the great work and tell Tristan "nena" says hi!

  2. Hi Christine! Thanks super!! :) Will surely say hi to Tristan for you!! :) I think I'm becoming a Yoga addict!!