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Friday, November 24, 2006

Yesterday was an event filled day, I witnessed a burning luxury van in Murphy Cubao, went to look at the Corelle sale at Eastwood, check out The Block in SM North Edsa, shopped in a hurry in Gateway Mall in Cubao, literally walked through Aurora Boulevard in Cubao, ate delicious steak at New Manila, had my pedicure in Posh Nails, and finally had foot massage at Footloose in Tomas Morato.

All these I did from 2:00 in the afternoon till about 11:45 in the evening.

Let's a have an actual run down, shall we?

I left the office at around 2:00pm to accompany my mom to the Corelle and Pyrex sale at Eastwood in Libis. On the way there, near Camp Aguinaldo - we were met by heavy traffic. The driver told us that there was a fire somewhere because he could see black smoke. The weird thing was that it looked like it was coming from the street and not inside the camp! When we got closer - we saw that it was a luxury van, the ones like celebrities used! It was burning like crazy and dark black smoke and red orange flames can me seen. People, who were curious went on ahead to take a look. Because of the van burning - we were forced to take a turn in some street, we circled and circled until we reached Katipunan Avenue - thank goodness! Then we went on ahead to Eastwood City. We found it quite weird that the sale was on the 7th Floor of the Cybermall building. Upon stepping foot on the 7th Floor - there were signs that led to the sale itself. The office space looked awkward - it was an empty office space that was not even fixed. There were no tiles on the floor, and one of the pipes had a leak! Nevertheless, it didn't stop us from looking at the sale. We were disappointed again, as usual! The items that we saw now, were the same items that we saw a few months back - they were still on sale! Sigh - disappointed once again, but we bought extra measuring cups - because they were on sale and a set of bowls - because my mom had this thing with white bowls! Hehe..

We then went on to check out The Block - the newest annex of SM City North Edsa. I was looking for champagne colored shoes for my cousin's wedding - since the mall was suggested by the sister of my Panget - we went there to take a look. The mall was quite big and impressive because of the vast spaces right smack in the middle of the mall. It looked like I was in a mall of some Asian country! But as we went up the floors - the set-up was quite weird! The shops' location were not as accessible, you had to go around the mall (literally because of the floor plan) and circle it to see the shops. I was thinking - what were the vast open empty spaces for? Maybe for events? Oh well, I was already getting lost! As I searched for shoe stores, I couldn't find any that caught my fancy! Why is it that whenever you are searching for something - it always is not around or available? I decided to go to the main mall to look at the local shoe stores, maybe I can find a pair that I liked. First stop was Celine. As I entered, I searched and searched for the formal shoe rack - and when I did, I looked at the display racks from the bottom up - then as I reached eye-level, a sparkly sandal caught my eye. I immediately grabbed it, showed it to my mom and tried it on then BOOM! It looked fantastic on my feet! Finally! I found the shoe! Take note that, the search was done in less than an hour! When I asked for my size, the saleslady was kind of dilly dallying - for whatever reason - I don't really know, when she gave me the pair with my size - there were blue ballpen marks on the shoe! It was damaged! Argh!! When I asked the manager to look for a store near the area which carried my size, she apologized and told me that branches have different style stocks! I asked her again, nicely if she could help me look for a pair - and she did. She found pairs available in Megamall and in Gateway. Since Gateway Mall in Cubao was the nearest to where I was - I had it reserved.

On the way home, my mom asked me when I was going to get the shoes. I told her tomorrow (which is today) because I was already kind of tamad to go and get it. She then told me that my aunt (whose daughter is getting married tomorrow) is borrowing the driver, thus - I had to get the shoe asap. I sent a text message to my Panget and told him that I was going to Gateway Mall. He happened to reply and say that he was in the office and offered to bring me home after buying my shoe in Gateway. So I took his offer, I dropped off my mom at home and on I went to GAteway. I left the house at about past 5:00pm and zoomed to Gateway - on the way there, I fell asleep! The next thing I knew, I was already on Aurora Boulevard turning right to get to Gateway! I looked at my phone for the time and it was nearing 6:00pm. Knowing that my Panget is in a bad mood and that he gets off work at 6:00pm - I took my time (hehe...) I went on to Celine to get my shoe, and I did - in under 5 minutes! Fast huh?! Well, I'm that kind of a shopper - if I see something I like I get it immediately, but this happens very rarely - as I am kinda tamad to go shopping - I have my moods. After Celine, I proceeded to Beauty Bar to purchase Foot Petals for my new shoes - unfortunately, it was out of stock!! Argh.. After this, I then decided to go to my Panget's office. First, I had to figure out which roads I will walk through to get to his office.

His office is located in Aurora Boulevard, right in the heart of Cubao. Great, I remember watching on TV (Probe Team to be exact) when I was little that Cubao had a lot of darkness to it. There were the dark cinemas that stunk when you enter it because of some suspicious actions (I will never forget the phrase - masangsang ang amoy na sasalubong sayo), there were numerous clubs and a whole lot more. Nevetheless, I walked through Aurora Boulevard in a slow pace, appreciating the simple pleasures of walking since I didn't attend my Yoga class - it wasn't so bad! The only stinky thing about it was that there was pollution everywhere! Smoke Belching galore! Man, was it tough! It was blowing right into my face! Grr... I'm a law abiding citizen when it comes to crossing the street, and so I picked my spot and waited, and waited and waited until the police guy signaled for me to cross the street - before that I observed people were having their death wish- they were crossing from all sorts of directions, popping everywhere! With cars zooming passed them!! Yikes!

As I reached my Panget's office building - well, I had to wait at the employee entrance and stand guard until the people behind the counter had their approval to let me up. And when they did - my Panget was nowhere to be found! Argh.. I had to stand near the door and wait, I had a feeling he was in the bathroom, and a few minutes later - there he was with a cute frown on his face. I was already informed beforehand that he was having a bad day, okay - so we waited. We then went on to go to house A to pick up some laundry of his and then after proceeded to attend his younger brother's steak party. When we got there, his sis-in-law looked kinda harrased and since she was pregnant I just had to offer a helping hand - I kinda understand what she was going through - it was a good thing that her mood was light, she didn't have her usual headaches and she was in a good mood - the baby was cooperating - Yey!! :) She served us with steak - it tasted delicious- juicy, soft, and just perfect!! I had to control my portions as I will be attending my cousin's wedding tomorrow.. In the end, the friends of my Panget's brother enjoyed the steak dinner. We did too!! If not for the waiting for the steak to defrost, we would have stayed a while and had seconds - but my impatient Panget decided otherwise and waned to have his nails done - I was of course, happy to oblige!! :)

Then off we went to Posh Nails. I've never been a fan of this establishment, the receptionist was always outside chatting away with some person, their staff was not as good - but hey, they were open until 10:00pm. We had to wait for 15 minutes because the nail technicians still had to finish what they were doing. I was lucky enough to get Bel as my technician, she had soft hands and was very maalaga. She massaged my feet and kept on asking if there was something painful (nice diba?) After putting on the nyde color on my toes - she suggested that I get a foot massage next time because I had so many lamig on my left sole. This gave my Panget an idea - he wanted to have foot massage. Seeing as it was only 10:30pm - he claimed it was still early. And so off we went to search for a place to get a decent foot massage. We ended up in Footloose on Tomas Morato, we got here by accident because my Panget was thinking of this place while I was referring to another place nearby. But since we were already there, we gave it a try. And the verdict? It was great! It's been so long since I last had a foot massage! My tired feet felt rejuvinized - I love the kneading action on my left sole. It felt so good!! Really really good. We finished at 11:30pm and as we exited the establishment, I was telling my Panget that it was night of pampering - pampering of the stomach (steak) and pampering of the feet (pedicures and foot massage) My Panget enjoyed it very much, that he hinted on having another go at this same routine (sans my walking in Cubao) next week.

What a way to start the weekend and end the weekday.. I think this is the looooongest entry I've ever written. Imagine if I told you this story - my mouth would be very very dry now - I may need to have a sip of water. Hehe.. :)

Have a great weekend guys!!

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