Grey's Anatomy

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Finally! I've decided to watch this show. Finally!! I've been told a dozen times by different people that this show is gooooood. But I never got myself to watch this show - why? I don't really know. I've never been fascinated with medical dramas.

Anyhoo, the verdict? Well, I'm not as obsessed with it as I am with Lost or Prison Break - but, I LIKE it. I've been trying my best not to sleep on the wee hours just to finish the episodes, but looks like - I will be. It's not addicting but it's fascinating. Maybe I'm speaking too soon!

One thing I liked about the show is how they humanized the characters (duh?!) Doctors pala have emotions too. (I know?!) They're not just machines/robots (as I assume them to be) who react when given a stimuli. I was touched and naawa in a couple of episodes. The show brings a different flavor and taste to the table. Why not, diba?!

P.S. Meredith Grey looks so young! Unbelievable! I thought she was just in her 20's - but she's actually 37!!


  1. hello didi! i love grey's anatomy! i've finished season 1 and 2! I'm still looking for season 3 =)

    see you sat at MM's dinner!

  2. I'm obsessed with this show and download it every Friday morning (it shows Thursday evening in the US).

    Prison Break I also became so manic about I watched the entire 1st season (all 22 episodes) over one weekend when I had work and a million other things to work on. I'm not too keen on following the second season though ... there's no prison to break out of anymore!

  3. Good idea wysgal! :) I'll tell my brother! I actually was quite disappointed with the show during the second season, but the episodes progressed it became better and better. I think the last 5 episodes were the best! The soundtrack was also awesome!! :) I'm now waiting for the first 6 episodes to finish DLing, I don't want to be bitin again, hehe.. :)

    About Prison Break - I was thinking of the same thing too! Since they broke out - dapat hindi na Prison Break. Hehehe.. :)