Yoga - Bikram Yoga in QC

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What do Madonna, Cristy Turlington, Reese Witherspoon - have in common? YOGA - they've all practiced yoga sometime - to tone their muscles or to lose weight. Well, since I have this endless quest to lose weight - I will finally brave and try yoga for the first time next Tuesday. Next Tuesday will be the opening of the Bikram Yoga center in Quezon City. FInally! A Yoga studio near me!!

I am very much excited and at the same time nervous. Nervous why? Well, the studio is kind of heated thus - I fear I might faint - but not to worry as I will get my 8 glasses of water a day, as suggested by the one I spoke to at the Makati head office.

I was wondering though - what will be the effects? I have yet to meet a person who's a yoga follower. All the info I know are from 'narinig ko' and 'nabasa ko' from the internet to magazines. Wish me luck!! (again...)


  1. wow didi! nice layout! you're starting yoga soon?? i used to do yoga at fitness first, but now i follow the flow series dvd =) good luck with the classes!!!!

  2. hi jen! i switched it back to the old one na.. :)

    i'll try yoga for a week to get the feel of it, tapos after - i'll use nalang the cd's that you'll be giving me.. hehehe.. :)

  3. good luck di! hope you enjoy yoga as much as i do

  4. yes! naalala ko nga that i owe u the cd's...may copies na..i js hav to remember to bring it. hahaha remind me por favor! =) miss u grl!