Cupcakes by Sonja

Monday, October 09, 2006

I love cup cakes - they make me feel like I'm a kid again. They're so cute and fun to look at! They're simply an irristable treat for me - provided that its vanilla or butter flavored as I am not a fan of chocolates.. (I know, I'm weird - I get it..) I don't know why, but I am very much fascinated with them. I used to bake chocolate cupcakes for my brother's friends - and guessing by their reaction - they loved it!

I've heard of her cupcakes but, I never got the chance to try them. My curiousity increased more as I read entries of the cupcakes from my favorite foodie blogs Ramblings of a Gypsy Soul and Our Awesome Planet. I was quite happy to learn from Anton of Our Awesome Planet that she was opening shop soon at Serendra. When I tried to inquire on Sonja's cupcakes - I was given an invite to the dry run of her shop. Unfortunately, it was on a weekday and I had work! It was just last Saturday that I got the chance to visit her shop and sample a few of her famous cupcakes.

The facade of her shop is catchy and cute! Imagine a cute pink striped store! It looked so much like a candy store! Actually, it looks a lot like a New York-ish kind of cake store, one you'd happen to see in movies or in the Lifestyle Channel's the Food Network! Upon entering the store, I was welcomed by 3 smiley faces - unfortunately, they were still closed as they still had to bake most of their products. But since I was not in a rush, I asked if I could order ahead and have the cup cakes picked up later in the afternoon, one of the girls agreed to help me out. I decided to get the dozen box that consisted of a mix of Red Velvet Vixen, Vanilla Surprise, Valrhona Flourless Cupcake, Chocolate Surprise, and the Bunny Huggers. I was very excited to sample thes cupcakes - but I had to wait.

After our lunch at Polu Kai, my friend Gracie and I proceeded to Sonja's shop to pick up my order. Upon entering - I was suprised that the store had so little cupcakes on display! But I was told that most of them were already sold - good thing I ordered ahead of time. Thank goodness!! Hehehe..

The verdict? I love them! I love the Vanilla Surprise and the Red Velvet Vixen! I had to contain myself and not eat them while in the car! When I got home, I took pictures first (yes, I know!) and then proceeded to try the Vanilla Suprise with the light blue frosting - I love the texture of the cup cake and the frosting was really delicious! Before going out to dinner - I just had to sample the Red Velvet Vixen. As I was not fond of chocolates (I hate them, remember?) I was dreading the taste of chocolate - good thing - I wasn't able to taste any chocolate! Yehey! I like the consistency of the redness of the cupcake and the frosting as well! The combination is really great, not only was it eye candy - it tasted heavenly! I had my Panget sample the Red Velvet and even if he had sipon (colds) he loved it!

I can't wait to visit Serendra again soon!!

Cupcakes by Sonja
1st Level Serendra Retail Area
Cel. 0906-5770833

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